PATENTS - Alternative air box design and dual-stage mufflers for Pioneer 1000



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Feb 13, 2013
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Found some info showing Honda is planning a re-redesign for the Pioneer 1000 air intake system to eliminate the snorkel tube running all the way up front. Also, looks to be a better tighter FACTORY cab.

Pay close attention to FIGURE 4 at the dash. While just a drawing, it looks to match up with info we posted a few weeks ago.
Both changes would be needed in order to squeeze in the HVAC system we spok about a few months ago --->Future - Honda, once again... FIRST IN THE market with Cooled......

We expect someting simular to the Kawasaki Ridge to be in the works.
Pictures below, draw your own conclusions.

2025 Pioneer 1000H5?

Picture info:
1. A vehicle comprising an internal combustion engine, comprising:
an engine main body positioned behind a seat and at least partially in the center of the vehicle width direction;
a first air cleaner positioned above the engine main body so as to define and form a part of an intake passage of the internal combustion engine; and
a second air cleaner disposed upstream of the first air cleaner so as to define and form a part of the intake passage,
wherein the second air cleaner is positioned outside the first air cleaner in the vehicle width direction, and
wherein the first air cleaner and the second air cleaner are arranged in the vehicle width direction, at least a part of the first air cleaner and the second air cleaner overlap with a cross pipe which constitutes a reinforcing frame portion of the vehicle in the vehicle front-rear direction.



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Feb 18, 2015
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Coming from a previous 700 owner, this mid chassis air inlet will make the owner want to pay attention to his air filter more often. On my 700 I was cleaning and replacing the filter ever 250 miles or so on the dusty desert roads that we ride. It looks to be a dual paper type vs oil/foam filter so it might not be as big of a worry, but the front air inlet design on the current 1000s was a selling point for me.


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Oct 7, 2016
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I can't imagine that trapping more heat in the middle of the chassis can be better. The surface area is clearly larger to dissipate heat but where does that heat go? These cab ideas clearly highlight all the down falls of 2 rows of seats and a mid mounted engine.
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