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We are keeping the Ride of the Month rolling here. If you happen to have a cool universal (not machine specific) prize idea or a cool theme idea you’d like to see feel free to PM me or just drop your idea in the current ROTM thread.

Slightly Modified Ride of the Month Rules will apply.
Modified photo requirements spelled out below in the theme the rest of this is the standard ROTM stuff.
The winner will be picked at approximately end of day Friday 6/25 11:59 PM Eastern
Vote by LIKES. Most likes = winner.
Tiebreaker goes to users with the most posts as long as they have a 100+ post lead over the other.
If less than a 100 post spread, we might have a runoff.

June 2021's theme is... A Trail Side Challenge! ... The challenge is during the upcoming HondaSxS Takeover (or your next local ride is cool too) you will need to take an empty trash bag with you (and maybe gloves). When you stop for a break take a couple of minutes and pick up any trash someone else left behind and throw it in your trash bag. And if you see someone riding with you attempting to leave something behind call them out on it. (Note: I didn't say punch them in the face, this isn't a license to be a jerk about it, but a simple I think you dropped something; you can throw it in my trash bag.. typically gets the point across.) Trash on the trails is one of those dumb things that gets public riding areas closed. As a group let’s leave the trail system better than we found it so it stays a place we can all keep going back to.

Photo submission requirements...
Ideally I want a single post with a before and after picture of your clean up effort. If your HondaSxS can't be in the before/after pictures then please include a third picture of your HondaSxS on the trail with the final resulting trash bag of your clean up effort. Not required, but I'll ask you to please include a trail name or number of where you completed the challenge (if you know).

Let's of course be safe, don't step off the edge of a cliff or get cut on a piece of trash. Use common sense precautions like gloves or whatever. While the prize is nice and it's awesome you are helping to clean up please don't get hurt in the process. We are posting this ROTM a little early so you can throw some last minute items into your trip prep packing to complete this challenge.

June 2021's prize up for grabs... Off-Road Scrap SAK

Thank you @Hondasxs for continuing to provide the prizes, the awesome site and the support required for the ROTM contests!

Thank you to everyone that takes on this Trail Side Challenge and helps leave the trails just a little cleaner than you found them!

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