What do I do with the back seat in my double cab truck?


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Apr 4, 2013
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I looked twice, didn't see any rules so here goes:
Plan to pull a trailer with the SxS in the trailer.
But I live in Ohio so Colorado is 2 days out, Utah 2.5 days out.
Multiple ways to pull up to a ride area and ride, camp in the toter when I am done for the day .
But I need to be able to stop and overnight quickly and easily with out unloading the SxS.

I have 2 double cab trucks I could use.
The obvious thing to do is add a slide in or a shell conversion to the truck.
But what do I do with the back seat of the truck?

There is way too much space there to just throw lose stuff back there.
I have not seen too many double cabs where anything interesting was done with the back half of the cab.
It Seams a van has obvious advantages by swiviling the front row seats and having more camping space in the camper.

As storage the cab is isolated from the camper.
In southern hemisphere overlanding the sleeping is in the camper but most the living / cooking is done out side, probably not the best approach in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
So what have you seen or considered for a rear seat of an overlanding rig conversion?

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