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P1000m5 Here We Go Again... 1000-5 This Time

  • Well, now that the 700-4 is gone and the 1000-5 is home. its time to get started on the build again. I really try to go slow and pace myself. however that doesnt always work that way. When i got it, it had roof and windshield as part of the deal.

    Ordered a winch and mount, synthetic rope and fairlead for it, HL snorkel, Amazon switch plate, fuse box, 100amp disconnect.

    still plan to get a honda front bumper, lightbars, and soundbar.. when money permits.

    debating about dual battery setup... not sure if ill do that or not. I dont tend to use radio or lights when its not running.


    IMG_8150.JPG IMG_8151.JPG IMG_8157.JPG IMG_8181.JPG IMG_8010[1].JPG
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