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P500 Yellow Buggy

  • Went with wife to look at kids atvs the price of the were pretty high for what they were she loved the sxs and when she heard the price said I think we should get it.
  • Exterior Mods:
    Strongmade bumper, Moose roof, 12" LED light bar on bumper, 20" light bar 13000 lumens on roof, 12 " light bar on roof in rear for reverse and work light.

    Interior Mods:
    Switch connected to ignition power and battery separator so I can turn off the power to separator while ignition is on if I choose to. Switches for rear, bumper and roof LEDs. PA system with sirens. Under seat storage $2.40 can from walmart. $4.60 tub from Lowes front hood storage.

  • My next plans are Superwinch terra 45, Alumilitearmor windshield and cab enclosure, Hook up old tusk plow, heater, Skid Plate, A -arm protection. Tires from my Foreman

    1. winch superwinch terra 4.5 (this is a must and will likely be next but I think I want hitch mount so I can move it front or rear)
    2. New tires (I'm thinking after these are worn)
    3. Tip out windshield plus cab enclosure - alumilitearmor
    4. skid plate
    5. rear bumper
    6. side doors (after cab enclosure but I want something other than fabric)
    7. heater (after enclosure)
    8. A- arm protection.

    Currently have
    1. Roof - moose roof
    2. Light- Amazon 20" light bar and 2 12" light bars one for front and reverse
    3. Wiring - 4 ga amp kit to add battery up front later if I choose and winch quick connect with enough extra for rear quick connect.
    I also have a 80 amp battery separator that I will use to switch off main power up front until I get a second battery this will control all power to my fuse block
    4. $2.40 2 gal can from Walmart for under seat storage.
    5. Sound / Music - Beats Pill and Auvio 20Watt Bluetooth speaker (need to mount one of these especially the Auvio)
    6. Snorkel - Pipes and plan to do snorkel
    7. Dome light - touch led dome light
    8. USB charge and voltage - Voltage and outside temp gauge with usb ports
    9. Plow - I already have a 60" tusk plow for my foreman that someday will make a metal plate to mount my push bar plate to.
    10. Light strips - I do have some awesome LED light strips that I might do something with someday. I bought them used for around $15 but they were new.
    11. Front bumper - Strong Made Bumper
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