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After borrowing a p500 to attend the Pioneer takeover (4 times) and watching other members build there P500 (@Chooglin , @trigger , @JACKAL , @Bastardchild and @DG Rider (mostly he just runs the piss out of his in Arizona and makes me jealous)) I have finally managed to get my s*** together and purchase a 2018 green P500 of my own. (About damn time).

Now the fun begins.
Do I purchase a bunch of parts and bolt them on or do I purchase a bunch of tools and make what I really want.
The tool route sounds really appealing but there is a down side.
Unfinished projects:
- 1947 Studebaker Champion purchased when I was 15. Started a restoration but never finished. Moved it to 6 houses over the years including storing it at my Dads for 15 years.
- 1974 VW thing. Bought for a song and a dance not running. Still not running.
- Custom frame Desert race Odyssey. Designed as my senior project in engineering school. Collected a lot of parts and started the frame. Again i have moved this stuff multiple times.

Aw hell, who am I kidding, already got the wife to agree to a finger press brake so I can roll my own skid plate and inner fender stick intrusion protectors.

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