1. Elevatedii

    New (used) P500 Owner from NJ

    Picked up a 2015 P500 with 485 miles/86 hrs for $6500 (first sxs). Put on new ITP Mudlite 2 tires, front rough country light bar, rear rough country cubes, moose cargo box, moose a-arm guards and a gun rack. Replaced oil/filter, coolant, front and rear differential fluid, spark plug, and air...
  2. KyGal83

    P500 P500 Fuel Pump Replacement

    My fuel pump recently gave out my P5 on a ride at Windrock. The replacement has arrived, I am getting prepped to replace it hopefully next week. I have found a few threads here on how to do it. I was hoping for a video but no luck as of yet. Any advice for a complete mechanical novice before I...
  3. KyGal83

    P500 Previous P500 Owners??

    Since being active in other areas of the forum, I have noticed several members who now own something else, started out as P500 owners. Which made me think.. How many previous P5 owners are out there? Why did they switch? What did they think of the P500? What made them choose a Talon, 700, 1000...
  4. KyGal83

    P500 / P520 Ride for 2023 Takeover

    2023 Takeover Ride for P500/P520's The details are not yet final, check back to this post for the most current information. While this ride is being geared toward the P500/520's any machine is welcome to join the fun. AS OF 05/06/2023: Where: Unknown POI's: Unknown When: Friday 06/02/23...
  5. scottn57

    P500 Pioneer 500 w/Camso X4S Tracks

    My Camso X4S tracks arrived a couple days ago and I had my dealer do the initial install. We probably won’t have enough snow to test them this season (although Lake Erie is wide open for Lake Effect snow) but I wanted to make sure they work before taking them off for the summer. I have the...
  6. N

    P500 P500 Ignition Switch Connector

    Can anyone provide details of the P500's ignition switch connector parts (connector body, pins)? And a source for these component? I want to replace the stock 3-position ignition switch (OFF-ON-START) with a 4-position ignition switch (Cole Hersee, ACC-OFF-ON-START) to power accessories from...
  7. Finding my way...

    Finding my way...

    Out for a ride on my birthday. It was a great day!!!!
  8. KyGal83

    New Member - Considering/Researching P500 or P520

    Hello Everyone, Joined the forum to research the Pioneer 500 and 520. Considering a purchase and trying to convince the Hubs to ditch our problematic Kawaski Teryx 750 for a Pioneer. A riding friend has a P500 that I like, which has towed us in many times... yes you read that correctly... I...
  9. A

    P500 Pcm

    Are the 2017 and 2019 pcms interchangeable? Trying to figure out a wiring issue on my 20-7 and want to try my buddy’s 2019 pcm before I change the whole harness
  10. A

    P500 P500 won’t fire

    Hi guys new to the group! My 2017 pioneer 500 won’t fire, no fuel pump and no dash. Put in new fuses, and relays. Tried different battery, different cpu, different ignition switch, cleaned connectors, checked the grounds and I have power going to the pcm. Would appreciate some input! Thanks
  11. The Dumpling

    The Dumpling

    Texas Bow Hunting
  12. The Dumpling

    The Dumpling

    Texas Bow Hunting
  13. The Dumpling

    The Dumpling

    Texas Bow Hunting
  14. The Dumpling

    The Dumpling

    Texas Bow Hunting
  15. M

    P500 New P500 problems

    Hey there! I just bought a 2018 p500 it has 3 miles on it,when it is in automatic it hesitates when I give it gas in first and second gear. It’s enough to jerk you back! I read about the engine actually training itself to the way you drive? Is this normal?Also- I had it in automatic and then it...
  16. Normanator22

    P500 Walker Evans Shocks (full set)

    Hi all, I am selling my P500 (needed a bigger SxS for the family) and therefore considering selling my WE shocks by themselves. Bought the shocks 2/25/2019 and have less than 100 miles on them. If you know anything about the WE shocks, they are probably the single best upgrade to the P500...
  17. Steve00


    Do I need a Snorkel? I dont play much in deep water or mud so do i need a snorkel and is there ANY benefits other than mud/water?
  18. Tony21

    P500 Rock lights

    I installed some rock lights. Mainly wanted some cab floor lights for riding at night. Since it came with 4 I installed one light under each front fender, one under the hood and one in cab under the dash. Easy to change colors, dim or flashing lights if you want with an app on my phone. My...
  19. Steve00

    P500 WE SHOCKS ORDERED! Will I notice?

    Walker Evan's shocks ordered with 1.5 inch wheel spacers and removing sway bar, Will I notice a difference on the whoops? There killing me at my atv park they dont groom the trails.
  20. lee

    P500 Mighty P500 Build

    After borrowing a p500 to attend the Pioneer takeover (4 times) and watching other members build there P500 (@Chooglin , @trigger , @JACKAL , @Bastardchild and @DG Rider (mostly he just runs the piss out of his in Arizona and makes me jealous)) I have finally managed to get my s*** together and...