1. The Dumpling

    The Dumpling

    Texas Bow Hunting
  2. The Dumpling

    The Dumpling

    Texas Bow Hunting
  3. The Dumpling

    The Dumpling

    Texas Bow Hunting
  4. The Dumpling

    The Dumpling

    Texas Bow Hunting
  5. M

    P500 New P500 problems

    Hey there! I just bought a 2018 p500 it has 3 miles on it,when it is in automatic it hesitates when I give it gas in first and second gear. It’s enough to jerk you back! I read about the engine actually training itself to the way you drive? Is this normal?Also- I had it in automatic and then it...
  6. Normanator22

    P500 Walker Evans Shocks (full set)

    Hi all, I am selling my P500 (needed a bigger SxS for the family) and therefore considering selling my WE shocks by themselves. Bought the shocks 2/25/2019 and have less than 100 miles on them. If you know anything about the WE shocks, they are probably the single best upgrade to the P500...
  7. S


    Do I need a Snorkel? I dont play much in deep water or mud so do i need a snorkel and is there ANY benefits other than mud/water?
  8. Tony21

    P500 Rock lights

    I installed some rock lights. Mainly wanted some cab floor lights for riding at night. Since it came with 4 I installed one light under each front fender, one under the hood and one in cab under the dash. Easy to change colors, dim or flashing lights if you want with an app on my phone. My...
  9. S

    P500 WE SHOCKS ORDERED! Will I notice?

    Walker Evan's shocks ordered with 1.5 inch wheel spacers and removing sway bar, Will I notice a difference on the whoops? There killing me at my atv park they dont groom the trails.
  10. B

    P500 Some Pics

  11. monaco

    P500 DIY Half Windshield

    Thanks to a buddy who had access to a sheet break, we cut and built me a half-windshield. I di have the full Honda windshield and it's hard to see through at times, in the sun and dust. This will be my summer windshield for sure - I like the ability to see over it. So satisfying...
  12. S

    P500 How often should I change my spark plug on P500

    At what mile marker should I change my spark plugs on my p5?
  13. SouthwestORV

    P500 Impressed - P500 towed trailer all week

    Hello friends, My wife and I just finished moving this evening. We have been hauling loads of our belonging the short distance between our old home (just sold) to our interim rental (new home being built) with the Pioneer 500 all week, and I will say that "Rambo" is a stallion. I worked this...
  14. SouthwestORV

    P500 Pioneer 500 vs old couch :)

    Hey, it was getting tossed in the trash anyways! I decided to have a little fun with it first. Just glad it never snapped and rolled me over.
  15. SouthwestORV

    P500 P500 Door Latch Problem Fixed - Video

    Hello friends, I've been annoyed since day one at the way that my driver's side door rattles, both during operation and while sitting at idle. I got looking closely and figured out the problem - the door latch was mounted poorly from the factory, so it did not latch tight against the rubber...
  16. SouthwestORV

    P500 Pioneer 500 - Top Speed Video - stock tires

    For any interested, here is a video of my 2018 Honda Pioneer 500 with 537 miles, 84.5 hours, doing a full-throttle/top speed run with stock tires at 9psi.
  17. SouthwestORV

    P500 500 Mile Review: 2018 Pioneer 500

    Hello friends, I just passed 500 miles on the odometer and I decided it's time to share my honest thoughts and impressions of the smallest member of the Honda Pioneer family.
  18. SouthwestORV

    P500 Oil Change - HP4S - observations...

    Hello friends. This past Saturday I busted out the manual and changed the oil in our 2018 Pioneer 500. I found that it was not difficult, but it WAS time consuming to do it right. I enjoyed the process, to be honest. I feel like I know the machine better. Anyways, I chose to upgrade to Honda...
  19. PistolPeteSTL

    P500 14x7" wheels all around?

    Good day! I am going to pick up a P500 in the next couple weeks and am researching tires and wheels. My sweetie likes a little bling, so we have decided on 14" wheels. Will there be any issue with running 14x7" front and rear rather than the recommended staggered setup of 14x7 front and 14x8...
  20. SouthwestORV

    P500 Brutal P500 cold start - couldn't quite get it...

    Howdy Pioneer 500 friends. This past week, as you know, we had some severe weather. Between the snow and the below-freezing temperatures on the clear nights following the snow, it was rough. Rambo's suspension and undercarriage were packed full of snow, and in order to avoid it all melting and...

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