pioneer 500

  1. B

    P500 2018 P500 Valve Adjustment

    I recently preformed a full maintenance on my 2018 P500 at 1000 miles which included adjusting my valves. I used a fiber optic scope to find TDC in the inspection port located behind the battery. What I didn't know at the time is that the "T" will show in the compression cycle AND in the exhaust...
  2. R

    Thoughts on 21 pioneer 500

    I’m looking into getting a 2021 Pioneer 500 for my first Honda sxs. My main concern is noise level in the cab. I owned a used 2011 teryx for a little while and the noise to me was unbearable. No way to have a conversation any faster than 15-20 mph. I don’t expect any sxs to be quiet at wot but I...
  3. KYgal83

    New Member - Considering/Researching P500 or P520

    Hello Everyone, Joined the forum to research the Pioneer 500 and 520. Considering a purchase and trying to convince the Hubs to ditch our problematic Kawaski Teryx 750 for a Pioneer. A riding friend has a P500 that I like, which has towed us in many times... yes you read that correctly... I...
  4. SouthwestORV

    P500 Sunflower Mine AZ Loop - P500 Video

    Hello friends, If you live in AZ I recommend this loop ride. It was fun and challenging! A stock P500 will drag and struggle to get through, by mine with 26" tires was able to. I look forward to doing this loop again! Jump ahead to 2:00 for creek riding and 3:25 for some really rocky stuff.
  5. Wisdumb

    P500 Weekend Trip Videos

    Went on a trip this weekend and got about 20 mins of footage from the P5. Filmed on a Garmin Virb Ultra 30. We had a ton of fun. Enjoy the vids!
  6. PortuguesePioneer

    P500 Rattle Mega Thread

    I'm trying to find whats rattling on my P5 (150 miles). When I search, everyone has other rattles but mine! 😅 Post your rattle and what fixes it, if you've found the fix. Or just let someone know what fixes their rattle. I'll go first. Somewhere in the back, when I'm cruising and get off the...
  7. Wisdumb

    P500 My P5 Build

    Hello Everyone, I've had my P5 for a few weeks now and have had packages with accessories and add-ons rolling in every day since then. The purpose of this thread is to catalog the changes and give you guys some pictures of what we've been up to. It should also be a good place for you guys to...
  8. Normanator22

    P500 Walker Evans Shocks (full set)

    Hi all, I am selling my P500 (needed a bigger SxS for the family) and therefore considering selling my WE shocks by themselves. Bought the shocks 2/25/2019 and have less than 100 miles on them. If you know anything about the WE shocks, they are probably the single best upgrade to the P500...
  9. SouthwestORV

    Big old PORCUPINE - video

    Hello friends, My wife and daughter were out cruising around in Rambo, our 2018 Honda Pioneer 500, and they came across a huge birds nest...which turned out to be a huge porcupine in a tree. So they told me about it and I ran down to take a look myself. I've seen them dead on the side of the...
  10. Steve00

    P500 WE SHOCKS ORDERED! Will I notice?

    Walker Evan's shocks ordered with 1.5 inch wheel spacers and removing sway bar, Will I notice a difference on the whoops? There killing me at my atv park they dont groom the trails.
  11. HaggyGP

    P500 UTV Gun Mount for Honda Pioneer 500

    My dad and I managed to install my Amazon delivery been waiting for... Kolpin UTV Gun Mount #20073 The Gun mount is about 15% to large... so... made one slight modification. Thanks to Tony at Star Fabricating, he was able to bend one side of the floor bracket in the big steel brake to match up...
  12. HaggyGP

    P500 Chainsaw Mount on a P500

    My friends at Star Fabricating in Crooked Creek, Alberta, fabricated a mount on the P500 and powder coated. We use these Kolpin Saw Mounts on the front racks of our quads. They are super handy, and the blades are never in harms way. When you jump off your quad, everything you need for dealing...
  13. HaggyGP

    P500 P500 and tow behind utility trailer

    Had some extensive sticker pealing today. Removing some old silver decals on my pull behind, scratched and chunks missing. Applied a new black stripe with red pin stripe to match up the P500. Excited to get into hunting camp... about a month and a half away. Next few weeks will be going...
  14. HaggyGP

    P500 Honda Pioneer 500 Dual Front & Rear Wheels?

    Has anybody given thought to doubling up on the wheels? I came across the attached picture... the squirrels are turning the wheels in my mind! Would the P500 even have enough power/torque for this combination?
  15. HaggyGP

    P500 Outer CV Joint

    Well took the machine into the wash bay, prepping for the 1st service and oh no.... a ripped outer cv boot. I am glad I washed it, because now I am thinking I probably wouldn't have caught it till next week. I have just put on enough hours and kilometers for the first inspection and service...
  16. SouthwestORV

    P500 Impressed - P500 towed trailer all week

    Hello friends, My wife and I just finished moving this evening. We have been hauling loads of our belonging the short distance between our old home (just sold) to our interim rental (new home being built) with the Pioneer 500 all week, and I will say that "Rambo" is a stallion. I worked this...
  17. SouthwestORV

    P500 Pioneer 500 vs old couch :)

    Hey, it was getting tossed in the trash anyways! I decided to have a little fun with it first. Just glad it never snapped and rolled me over.
  18. SouthwestORV

    P500 P500 Door Latch Problem Fixed - Video

    Hello friends, I've been annoyed since day one at the way that my driver's side door rattles, both during operation and while sitting at idle. I got looking closely and figured out the problem - the door latch was mounted poorly from the factory, so it did not latch tight against the rubber...
  19. SouthwestORV

    P500 Pioneer 500 - Top Speed Video - stock tires

    For any interested, here is a video of my 2018 Honda Pioneer 500 with 537 miles, 84.5 hours, doing a full-throttle/top speed run with stock tires at 9psi.
  20. SouthwestORV

    P500 500 Mile Review: 2018 Pioneer 500

    Hello friends, I just passed 500 miles on the odometer and I decided it's time to share my honest thoughts and impressions of the smallest member of the Honda Pioneer family.

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