cv boot

  1. CostaRicaTalon

    CV boot patch?

    Well after a nice ride yesterday I discovered a bit of grease on the rear end. Turned out to have the slightest little pin hole on one of the ribs of the boot. I’ve been wanting to do my axels, so I ordered both rears, all the boots and so on… But living in Costa Rica those can take a while...
  2. TheFatRooster

    Talon Rear CV boots and joints

    Hello everyone, My name is Phil and this is my official first post on the forum. Im from South Florida and this past weekend I took my talon 1000X-4 to the sandlot off road park and they have a UTV track. I was trail riding all day no problem but as soon as I take it on the track after a few...
  3. Herbie

    P1000 Knocking in left front outer CV joint

    I recently purchased this 2016 1000-5, and a couple of days ago took it on an 80 mile journey thru the Mountains around Silverton Colorado. I noticed that during tight turns to the left, while in 4 wheel drive, there is a knocking coming from the left front axle, probably from the outer CV...
  4. HaggyGP

    P500 Outer CV Joint

    Well took the machine into the wash bay, prepping for the 1st service and oh no.... a ripped outer cv boot. I am glad I washed it, because now I am thinking I probably wouldn't have caught it till next week. I have just put on enough hours and kilometers for the first inspection and service...
  5. HawaiisFinest

    P1000 Just installed SuperAtv 6" Lift Kit and Rhino Axles keep breaking issues, HELP?

    Aloha from Hawaii We would love some help and advice here. We have a 2017 1000-5 and within the last month we purchased the SATV 6" suspension lift which came with the Rhino Axles 1.0. We installed everything on March 31 and about a week later, we rode it on a maiden voyage on a flat, dirt road...
  6. J

    P500 Axel boot replacement

    Hello All, i am new to the forum. I am looking for information on how to change my rear outer drive shaft boot. it got tore, i'm not sure how. I want to do this on my own. From what ive researched so far it seems i have to pull the whole shaft out to replace the outer boot. Is there...

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