1. T

    Talon Dust vacuum with a windshield?

    I have a 2016 Pioneer 1000-5, and the ONE thing I really hate is the dust vacuum with the windshield on. Have to take it off in the summer just so I can breathe. Absolutely hate wearing goggles and dealing with bugs in my face. Haven't seen anything on this topic with the Talon yet. Looking...
  2. B

    P1000 Ideas for shifting boots

    Took my dash off. Someone else had the odea, I don't think they got to it though. The amount of duSt and air coming in is crazy. I can't handle it. It's very very very bad. So. Someone brainstorm. I'm thinking about spray foaming holes and really sealing things up. I got a universal boot that...
  3. 16Honda

    P1000m5 Dust in cab is worse than horrible!

    Took the Pioneer 1000 5 for a ride down the gravel road like I've always done with all of my past utv's. It's the first time to try it out with my top and 2 piece windshield. I've never seen so much dust rolling in the cab!. I was going about 20mph and I brought it down to 10 or so and still a...