1. W

    P500 Custom haul trailer

    Had this trailer built to haul my p500 along with cooler and other trail/work/hunting necessities. Convenient and small enough to unload and hook on to p500 and take off without loading and unloading gear multiple times. Rails are short enough to open doors and has a built in dove tail to...
  2. Lilred500

    Bow hunting

    Who all here bow hunts? What is your go to set up and some details on it? Mines a 2018 Matthews triax in sitka subalpine cam 70lbs draw weight 29” draw weight still have to set it up the way I want but couldn’t pass up such an amazing deal at my local pawn shop for basically a brand new bow...
  3. Lilred500

    Best shooting/hunting forum

    Who all is in on some hunting and shooting forums can’t seem to find one I like? What’s your insight!?
  4. Lilred500

    Firearm of choice for deer season?

    What caliber, model rifle does everybody use for hunting deer. I prefer my old trusty Remington 700 bdl in 270 with 150 grain core lokts
  5. HaggyGP

    P500 P500 and tow behind utility trailer

    Had some extensive sticker pealing today. Removing some old silver decals on my pull behind, scratched and chunks missing. Applied a new black stripe with red pin stripe to match up the P500. Excited to get into hunting camp... about a month and a half away. Next few weeks will be going...
  6. O

    Multi Hunting tips with your Pioneer

    Made another nature trip to Montana, but only got to watch elk. Couldn't get a shot. Weather wasn't the best. We had everything from heavy rain to blizzard conditions, but little actual snow. Anyway, couple things I've learned over the years with my P500: Bring a cover with you. It will attract...
  7. K

    P500 Gun Boot??

    Has anyone seen a single mount gun boot narrow enough for the p500? I am looking to mount something diagonally across the rollbar behind the lease has DUSTY roads and my gun gets to dirty for my liking so the overhead gun rack is a no go. What are you hunters doing to secure your...

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