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  1. Longrod88302

    P1000 Baja style light rack build!!!

    I’ve seen the lightbars for years and years now and though they work great I’m over the look. I’ve always like the Baja/prerunner style light racks with the round lights so I decided to build myself one! Here are a few pics of the first prototype. And I’m honestly considering building a few to...
  2. Longrod88302

    P1000 19 p1K-5 LE build!!

    So finally getting going on this thing! Thanks to all the information and direction from you guys on here!! So I’ll be uploading pics and maybe a vid or two on the progress. So it’s a 19 p1k-5 LE. So far I’ve already got the 4500lb winch mounted up with a rocker switch on the dash just left of...
  3. S

    P1000 What is this for?

    So I’m doing a dual battery install thanks to everyone’s posts here. I have the factory switch plate and my winch was also installed by factory. Now I’m figuring out what needs to go to my second battery and on my main is what I see as a fuse that goes from main pos to main neg. Do I need this...
  4. Big Blue

    P1000m5 Big Blue

    This is as good of a time as any to start my build page. Currently, Big Blue has 0 modifications or accessories! So every little thing I do, I'll post about it here. My family took a vote and came up with the name Big Blue for the following reasons: Our boys school colors are blue. And many...
  5. AKRider

    P1000 Permanente Trail, AK - A Short Climbing Vid

    This is from May 30th of this year. I profoundly apologize for the shaking of this video. I was trying out a new camera mount and it SUCKED! I didn't have the other mount with me to swap out. All of the popping and cracking you hear is not the machine. It is the camera mount. With that said...

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