1. howardjg

    P1000 Winch/Plow help

    Looking for advice on replacing winch strap for plowing with my 1000-5. I believe my machine has the OE Warn winch, the previous owner had been using the KFI plow strap. I plan on replacing with the same thing. Does the bumper have to be removed to replace the winch rope? Or is there a...
  2. J

    P700 Bracket on warn plow

    Has anybody had a similar issue? Bracket holding the pulley bent causing the pulley to fly out where the winch connected to it. Any idea what caused this, possibly an easy fix? Would something like this be under warranty. Thank you for any responses!
  3. screaminfast

    P1000 Keep Factory winch or upgrade?

    Just pulled the front bumper off today (snapped a bolt :mad: ) and pulled the winch. I was gonna change it to synthetic and a hawse fairlead. Should I just upgrade the whole winch instead? Also since I have the factory warn plow setup do I need to change the roller on there to something...
  4. z4abraha

    P700 Poly or Steel Plow wear bar?

    Hey all, Just joined the forum and have been searching around but haven't found anything regarding poly vs. steel plow wear bars. I plan on getting the Denali 72" plow. It comes with 2 steel wear bars but I can buy a poly wear bar for an extra $100 or so. My wife and I just moved to a new...
  5. Mudder

    Multi Front bucket for plow mount

    FYI, found some pics done years ago for atv plow. Latest version uses 2 swinging legs (rearward of clip pin) to support raised bucket off ground, then spool out cable to dump. Uses pulley point on plow frame near bucket, then cable goes upward to attach at top of bucket for dump feature. Up...
  6. F

    P500 P500 snow plow reccomendations

    Hey everyone, loving my new P500 so far. Looking to do the driveway snow this winter. Have about a 1200ft long dirt drive. So far I'm looking at the KFI , superATV and warn plows. Anyone have experience with them? I like that the super ATV and warn do not require drilling but overall the KFI...
  7. Kojack0069

    P700 Denali snow plow put together

    Finally put the plow together and hooked it up to my machine now all I’m waiting for is my auxiliary battery and all connections for it to come in so I can get my winch connected. I have all these mods but can’t find the time to install them all. Still have doors, fender flares, rear a frames...
  8. S

    P1000 Fox question

    Well...ready to pull the trigger on Fox shocks, I installed a v-plow and now the front is sagging. How much preload on the shocks would lift the front and do the shocks come with the adjusting wrench? Thanks in advance.
  9. Seg

    P500 Plowing without the swaybar

    For the folks that went Swaybarless, any of you guys using your rig for plowing? Is it ok to leave it off or should it be back on while I'm in snow plowing mode? Thanks!
  10. ehart814

    P500 P500 Plow Setup Comparisons - Post your reviews here!

    For those (like me) that will be purchasing a plow setup for the dreaded snow season that is approaching, I thought I would create this thread so that those of you who have plows already can post pics, reviews, pros/cons of the different setups on the market. Any info/advice from you guys will...
  11. C

    P500 Plowing tips and accessories

    I have been asking a bunch of questions about the P500 and plowing- as that will be a huge portion of what I am going to be using it for. I have heard that the stock tires are not good have have poor traction in the snow and ice? Has anyone heard this? I don't want to be any wider than 50...
  12. B

    P700 Plowing ability?

    Hi, I'm new to the group and am thinking about buying a 700-2 soon, but was wondering about its ability to plow my steep paved driveway. Will the stock 700 have enough traction to go up and down a rather steep paved driveway while plowing 4-6" of snow (without using chains that will scratch up...
  13. sxs2015


    Very little use. I am in Maine...800.00 OBRO