1. M

    P1000m3 Stop Sale - Why Buy P1000?

    So here's my dilemma... I have been doing some research and found a good deal on a new 2018 P1000-3. I put down a $200 deposit on Saturday 3/16. The dealer did not disclose this new recall about the accelerator pedal. I was planning to pick up the machine (2 hrs away - out of state) Friday...
  2. Mudder

    P500 Another UTV recall

    FYI for any Wildcat owners or friends? Arctic Cat Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles Recalled by Textron Specialized Vehicles Due to Fire Hazard
  3. Mudder

    Multi Another Polaris recall RZR 170 fires

    FYI for those Polaris Razors. ESPECIALLY bad as these are targeted to KIDS! As a kid, I would take to to woods myself with my Honda SL70, never a problem. Polaris is recalling more than 16,000 recreational off-highway vehicles due to a fuel leak and fire hazards. The recall involves all...
  4. I

    P1000 Fire pioneer 1000-3

    I bought a 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-3 a month or so ago, on the third time I took it out it caught fire and burn to the ground. I had not even gone through 3/4 of a tank of gas and rode it on dirt roads. I felt heat from the seat and on my back, I turn around and saw flames coming up from the...


    I have received some great news from my local dealer here in Maine. After half-burning my R,1,3,5 clutch and experiencing high revs while slowly crawling through rough terrain in a tight woods trail on Thursday night, I spoke to Honda on Friday about getting my 1000-3 fixed. They initially told...
  6. Hondasxs

    2016 Yamaha YXZ1000 Recall

    Recall Summary Name of product: Yamaha Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles Hazard: Water can get into the throttle cable and if it freezes during cold weather, the ice can prevent the throttle from returning to idle. This can cause the rider to lose control, posing crash and injury hazards...

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