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Mar 19, 2019

  1. 1000-3
So here's my dilemma... I have been doing some research and found a good deal on a new 2018 P1000-3. I put down a $200 deposit on Saturday 3/16. The dealer did not disclose this new recall about the accelerator pedal. I was planning to pick up the machine (2 hrs away - out of state) Friday 3/21. So after putting deposit down last Saturday, dealer says, "no need to rush to pick up machine" there is a part update that needs done, part should be in by end of week. Well, we all know that's not likely going to happen... So, I start to do more research and find out about the STOP SALE and coming recall/service bulletin for the accelerator pedal.

So couple questions.... Sure seems to be a lot of recalls on the P1000's.

If I buy from someone other than my local dealer, should I expect to have concerns with getting future recalls done?

How is HONDA about timing of getting parts out for recall. I have seen some reviews that are saying MID APRIL?? Dealer is saying latest from HONDA is parts by 1st week in April, but no guarantee. Is it likely I will be waiting until MID/END of April based upon others previous recall experiences?

Anyone have experience with service from their local dealer after buying from somewhere else, particularly related to recalls and warranty work?

If I should decide to cancel the order, should I expect my $200 deposit back from the dealer given the conditions of the STOP SALE and the fact it wasn't disclosed to me when I gave deposit on Saturday 3/16? Seems like others on this forum and others knew about this issue/recall around 3/12?

If I decide to move forward with purchase, I don't want to FUND/PAY IN FULL for the transaction until recall and unit is complete. Is this reasonable?

As much as I like HONDA and the P1000-3, I'm considering a new 2018 Ranger 1000xp. Why should I not go buy this unit? Do they have as many recalls? I see a lot of online hating, but honestly, the HONDA issues and recalls aren't giving me the warm and fuzzies..

If HONDA P1000-3 wasn't an available option at all, what manufacture and unit would be your next best selection?
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