1. B

    P1000 Cooling fan issues

    2018 P1000-5 So I recently installed the diy fan override kit. Apparently the same kit is made for the 1000 as is for the 500/700, just the wires are reversed. I wired for auto/on operation. Turns out the wires on the over ride harness were backwards.I got the the pins switched around. Seemed...
  2. Jasperlewis2810

    P1000 Drafty

    I have roof and back panel with sliding rear glass. The superatv front windshield is awesome in the summer with the flip up capability, however this time of the year the gap between the top of windshield and roof produces a very unwanted draft. Any of y’all got a quick east fix for this...
  3. N

    Reverse overhaul

    So im pretty sure my reverse gear is shot, im planning on pulling the subtrans and changing everything to do with reverse, from my understanding its just a couple parts (not a professional so i may be wrong) anybody have a parts list for me? Also, I know there is many videos and posts out there...
  4. JLR

    P1000 2018 P1000-5 Deluxe Running on 1 cylinder - Solved - Bad PCM

    I recently brought my P1000-5 to the dealer to swap over my tires to tracks for the winter (its free with the service contract). My batteries were both about shot when I dropped it off so I asked them to swap out the starting battery and I ordered a new aux battery that I was going to replace...
  5. Dave_H

    P1000 2021 p1000-5 deluxe wheels and 27” tires **SOLD**

    Only 1 mile on these as close to brand new as you can get. It had one mile on the unit when I bought it, went from trailer to garage, then I pulled them off. Still have the little buns on them. Maxxis big horn 2.0’s on factory deluxe 14” wheels. I’m not sure if they fit other machines. I live...
  6. highpocket74

    P1000 Poll - Pioneer 1000 owners interest for R2C air filter

    This poll will provide feedback to the manufacturer for justifying production of an R2C air filter for the Pioneer 1000. Projected air filter cost would be similar to the Talon at around $125 for a kit that includes mounting flange hardware. Air flow would increase by a factor of about 2.5...
  7. L

    P1000 Front arched arms that do not move the tire forward

    does anybody make an arched front lower arm that doesn’t push the tire forward? I would like arched arms but do not want to deal with axle bind or larger turning radius that is caused by moving the tire forward
  8. clifforeilly

    P1000 HELP PLEASE wont go into reverse

    When trying to put my 2016 1000-5 in reverse the gears just grind. I made the cable adjustment under the battery, didn't seam to change anything . The dash indicator shows the machine is in "R" , no codes or other warnings. If you give it a little gas it slams into reverse , pops in and out of...
  9. M

    P1000m3 Stop Sale - Why Buy P1000?

    So here's my dilemma... I have been doing some research and found a good deal on a new 2018 P1000-3. I put down a $200 deposit on Saturday 3/16. The dealer did not disclose this new recall about the accelerator pedal. I was planning to pick up the machine (2 hrs away - out of state) Friday...
  10. S

    P1000 Looking for some advice

    I've been trolling for a short time and I am looking for an adventure. I need at least 4 seats and 5 is better. I see a P1000-5 deluxe near me and I'm trying to figure a good price. Has split windshield and roof w/ 37 hrs. Also need advice on Buying a trailer Thanks in advance for Yelp and...
  11. M

    P1000 Took a Snow Plow Video with my P1000 and KFI Pro Poly

    Someone recently asked for videos of the P1000 plowing snow. Put one together this morning. Enjoy!
  12. Kane1000

    P1000m3 Sedona Rock-a-billy tires and Sti HD9 beadlocks

    28x10x14 Sedona Rock-a-billy tires on Sti HD9 beadlock wheels 14x7, 4/137 and lug nuts. Not very many miles, I just want to get a mud tire instead. $950 obo. I would also sell the tires alone.
  13. Eslinger_18

    CB Radio?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a compact or micro CB radio they are running in their rig? There are a lot of options out there but very few of them are waterproof. And from what I have read, it is "illegal" to use a marine radio from land!?! Looking for something stronger than the...
  14. W

    P1000 Engine crack

    New member here and happy owner of a 1000-3. I’ve owned my P1000 for over a year and thoroughly enjoy it. A recent visit to my local honda dealership for the clutch improvement and heat shield recall has me frustrated. After bringing the machine home I found oil dripping from the skid plate. I...
  15. RB3offroad

    P1000 Wide Bundle Wheel Spacer blowout!

    Hello everyone, Many of you have been talking about wheel spacers and needing a combination of sizes to accommodate your new wheels or even your personal preference. Well we have a Wide Bundle Package right now on that comes with our NEW 1.5 Ultra-Light wheel spacers for the rear...
  16. Toyhauler33

    P1000 Tie rod upgrade?

    Has anybody purchased or heard of this upgraded tie rod kit? IMG Honda Pioneer 1000 Tie Rod Kit
  17. Big Blue

    P1000m5 Big Blue

    This is as good of a time as any to start my build page. Currently, Big Blue has 0 modifications or accessories! So every little thing I do, I'll post about it here. My family took a vote and came up with the name Big Blue for the following reasons: Our boys school colors are blue. And many...
  18. jasontjames

    P1000 Slop in the driver's side door

    I just noticed it tonight when I was trying to close the door. The drivers door is loose at the hinge. The second picture is me lifting up on the door. I have to lift up on it slightly to close it. You can see the gap at the hinge in the picture below. Anyone else have this issue?
  19. T

    P1000 What did your "20 hour first service" cost at the dealer?

    Interested in what your "20 hour first service" set you back on your P1000. Its quoted at around $360.00 at my honda dealer in Deep East Texas. I will have the first one done at the dealer just to be safe but at that price I will be learning to do my own in the future.
  20. V

    P1000 P1000 New Purchase help, Ride Sand, and dirt, advice.

    im considering buying the p1000 5 seater, A because its big red, B, because of reliability. I ride mostly at ocotillo wells which is a mix of sand washes and dirt trails, however a few times per year i do ride at glamis in the sand dunes. My concern is i can find next to no info on how these...

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