1. shaptown88

    P1000 Shaptown's 2021 P1k5 Build

    After ordering on 3/09/21 the Pioneer has finally arrived on 7/14/21 and the building process can begin. Not sure whos more pump, the kid or I. Currently still at the dealership till tomorrow morning (7/16/2021). Below is a picture and the list of parts I have already purchased/Installed (4...
  2. L

    Honda 420 rancher (2007 atv)

    I have a 2007 honda 420 rancher that's has some heating issues once it heats up and is warm it likes to start to spit and sputter and bog down where when you hit the throttle a little bit it just inches forward but hardly if at all trying to move we have tried everything we can think of to try...
  3. M

    Honda Talon Storage Cargo Box Install for your UTV or Side By Side mods.

  4. M

    Top 3 Best Bed-Extender Manufacturers for Honda Talon and Pioneer

  5. L

    P700 700-4 DIY Roofs & Sunshades

    Wanted to ask the forums what DIY roof's they've made for their 700-4's since the geometry makes for some interesting challenges without paying several hundred dollars for custom molded plastic. I'll start with my own, which is a custom sized 53" x 66" Heavy Duty Vinyl Mesh with grommets every...
  6. A

    P1000 2020 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe

    I am looking into fully enclosed canvas doors and roof. I would like the hard enclosure but its a little out of my budget. I was wanting to know if anyone has the canvas enclosure, and how it does when it rains. Do they keep all the rain water out or do they leak through at all? Or do they...
  7. D

    P700 M1 Evil

    New here and fairly new to the sxs world. I have a 2020 700-4 Deluxe. I just ordered new tires and went with AMS M1 Evils. The dealer knows what I have and I wanted to go up to 26 inch tires so he said I’ll get them ordered and I left. I was curious so I just looked on the AMS website and the 26...
  8. HondaMike420

    New shop opening soon.........

    Good Afternoon everyone, My name is Michael Martin. I have been a FAA certified Airframe & Powerplant technician performing all levels of corporate jet maintenance and management for the past 15 years. I along with my partner are opening a full service UTV shop catering to ALL makes. I am...
  9. S

    Honda Talon R 4WD light flashing

    Hi hows it going! I am a new member here and I wanted to see if anyone has had this issue before. This is my first honda SxS. I bought it used from a tour guide place and it has been running great. The machine has about 1200 miles on it and hasnt had any issues yet. I was out at Sand Hollow...
  10. 2

    P700 Clutch Adjustment

    Hey everyone I am new to SxS’s and new to the forum. I recently purchased a new 2018 700-4 and I have some issues. Whenever I am cruising and lightly keep the gas peddle pushed down it sounds like it’s constantly trying to switch gear or get into gear and when I press on the gas more it goes...
  11. Moses

    Talon Honda Talon Vr2 Sport Cages Available for pre order

    HONDA TALON VR2 Sport Cage *************PRICE EXCLUDES SHIPPING AND POWDER COAT PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL PRIOR TO PURCHASE TO VERIFY LEAD TIMES.*************************** PRICE INCLUDES Cage (RAW) Bead rolled aluminum roof 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners Intrusion bars (optional) Grab handles...
  12. Moses

    Talon BCF Honda VR2 Sport Cages Available for pre order!

    HONDA TALON VR2 Sport Cage *************PRICE EXCLUDES SHIPPING AND POWDER COAT PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL PRIOR TO PURCHASE TO VERIFY LEAD TIMES.*************************** PRICE INCLUDES Cage (RAW) Bead rolled aluminum roof 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners Intrusion bars (optional) Grab handles...
  13. wheelSick

    Talon Front Aluminum Bumpers NIB

    Talon Aluminum Front Bumpers. 2 of them new in the box $300each. These are awesome, light weight & hold a winch. Location is N Colorado
  14. M

    P1000m3 Stop Sale - Why Buy P1000?

    So here's my dilemma... I have been doing some research and found a good deal on a new 2018 P1000-3. I put down a $200 deposit on Saturday 3/16. The dealer did not disclose this new recall about the accelerator pedal. I was planning to pick up the machine (2 hrs away - out of state) Friday...
  15. Moses


    Happy new year everyone!! We just wanted to let you guys know that we have some updated pricing on the website for our Honda P1k5 Racks along with free shipping. We will also be offering more products here shortly so stay tuned!! Thanks! Honda P1K5 Instagram:Brickcityfab_az Facebook: Brick...
  16. B

    P1000 Alaska-- We should get a group ride planned

    I think we should get a group ride/meet and greet planned. If any of you guys are interested let me know
  17. Moses

    Honda P1k5, 700-4 Spare tire racks Flat rate shipping

    We are now offering flat rate shipping of $100 maximum anywhere in the lower 48 states. With the potential of even being less. If you would like to order a 700-4 V1 or V2 rack please reach out to us via email at [email protected] Use promo code HONDASXS.COM at check out for an additional...
  18. Moses

    P1000m5 Now Offering Flat Rate Shipping!

    We are happy to announce that we are offering flat rate shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. On our Honda V1,V2 and V3 Racks! Shipping will be 100$ max and could potentially be less. Honda P1K5 Enter HONDASXS.Com Members Promo Code HONDASXS.COM At check out to receive 10% off your entire...
  19. O

    P1000 30” Tires No Lift?

    This may have been asked before but is anyone running 30’s on a stock pioneer 1000-3? No lift or anything at all. If so any problems?
  20. K

    P1000 My favorite toys together


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