1. turbo talon

    Turbo Talon

  2. S

    PV3 and HMF full exhaust thoughts

    Just installed a new HMF dual exhaust kit on my 1000r. Programmed it with the recommended tune from PV3 and took it for the first ride. First thing I noticed is obviously the volume. It sounds really good, but holy balls, it's loud. Too loud. Gonna look into a quieter insert. Second thing I...
  3. Travis R

    ATV 2019 Honda TRX 90 Problem

    Bought it brand new. Sat up a while and the Green Neutral Light is not coming on. We think a rat may have chewed a wire or wires but we don’t know where to start looking. The battery is good. Any ideas? Thank You
  4. A

    2020 Pioneer Canvas Enclosure

    Looking for the best canvas enclose option for my 2020 pioneer 1000-5 deluxe. I have a plastic roof on it so I need something compatible with that. Looking for the best air right option. Any suggestions?
  5. K

    P700 Noob - Help!

    So I’m new to the forum… bought a Pionner 700-4 brand new in 2019 as a utility vehicle, etc. Have really babied it, almost no off-road use, will drive through a meadow every now and then…. kindve just cruise around the subdivision periodically, etc. Anyway, I’ve always noticed since I got...
  6. End of summer?? What??

    End of summer?? What??

    Out for a spin
  7. Worse1

    Honda Trailsport Models

    Looks like Honda wants a piece of that off-road pie too.
  8. A

    Little too much oil in 2020 pioneer 1000-5

    I accidentally put a little to much oil in my sxs, do I need to drain some, or will it be alright? It is above the top line. If so, what would be the easiest way to drain just a little. Or would I need to remove one of the plugs again. Or would I have to drain a little from each plug?
  9. All_Moto

    Honda talon locker

    Got my locker, and got it installed in the turbo talon. Parts seemed nice, good fit, and quality. Install was pretty straightforward. Really impressed with the simplicity. It hooks up so much better from a stop, espicially with the turbo. It used to spin through third gear, it really pulls now...
  10. Finding my way...

    Finding my way...

    Out for a ride on my birthday. It was a great day!!!!
  11. mrlaxwiz

    P500 More accessories

    New decal kit, roof, and cargo bag, keeping with Honda parts right now, except my windshield so far lol
  12. GL's Track 360 view

    GL's Track 360 view

    360 degree view of a lap of the track
  13. 1stRide


    1st ride in my new 2020 Honda Pioneer 500 SXS
  14. shaptown88

    P1000 Shaptown's 2021 P1k5 Build

    After ordering on 3/09/21 the Pioneer has finally arrived on 7/14/21 and the building process can begin. Not sure whos more pump, the kid or I. Currently still at the dealership till tomorrow morning (7/16/2021). Below is a picture and the list of parts I have already purchased/Installed (4...
  15. L

    Honda 420 rancher (2007 atv)

    I have a 2007 honda 420 rancher that's has some heating issues once it heats up and is warm it likes to start to spit and sputter and bog down where when you hit the throttle a little bit it just inches forward but hardly if at all trying to move we have tried everything we can think of to try...
  16. M

    Honda Talon Storage Cargo Box Install for your UTV or Side By Side mods.

  17. M

    Top 3 Best Bed-Extender Manufacturers for Honda Talon and Pioneer

  18. L

    P700 700-4 DIY Roofs & Sunshades

    Wanted to ask the forums what DIY roof's they've made for their 700-4's since the geometry makes for some interesting challenges without paying several hundred dollars for custom molded plastic. I'll start with my own, which is a custom sized 53" x 66" Heavy Duty Vinyl Mesh with grommets every...
  19. A

    P1000 2020 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe

    I am looking into fully enclosed canvas doors and roof. I would like the hard enclosure but its a little out of my budget. I was wanting to know if anyone has the canvas enclosure, and how it does when it rains. Do they keep all the rain water out or do they leak through at all? Or do they...
  20. D

    P700 M1 Evil

    New here and fairly new to the sxs world. I have a 2020 700-4 Deluxe. I just ordered new tires and went with AMS M1 Evils. The dealer knows what I have and I wanted to go up to 26 inch tires so he said I’ll get them ordered and I left. I was curious so I just looked on the AMS website and the 26...