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Sep 14, 2021
Kansas City, Missouri

  1. 700-4
So I’m new to the forum… bought a Pionner 700-4 brand new in 2019 as a utility vehicle, etc. Have really babied it, almost no off-road use, will drive through a meadow every now and then…. kindve just cruise around the subdivision periodically, etc.

Anyway, I’ve always noticed since I got it when it was parked in the garage, and I looked at it from behind, it leaned fairly heavily downward toward the passenger side. I always assumed our garage floor just sloped that way because the UTV was brand new….

I have a neighbor who is an engineer and he was over the other day and commented on it leaning — I said I always just assumed it was the garage floor, and he was like “No way, that’s leaning way to much to be the garage floor”.

Trying to keep this short, I put a digital level on what I believe are the front axels and they were definitely not equal. I looked over all the tires and put some pressure on them on they all seem good. Outside of checking the PSI to make sure they’re all exact, what else could be wrong? Pictures attached! Thank you.

821088CA-22FD-4FF6-9962-CA370939339C.jpeg 4E1A7BBC-1C40-4F59-A33C-1965CF4F4495.jpeg 9B1CB58E-BB5A-4465-A7CF-74B9503386A3.jpeg 5EDB45FC-460E-47D8-B376-AAD2BC6C2F75.jpeg DD41AF56-A190-4966-8C83-6A4810221FA7.jpeg 535E4E99-C91F-45B3-A980-4B9D6281255D.jpeg

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