1. K

    P700 Noob - Help!

    So I’m new to the forum… bought a Pionner 700-4 brand new in 2019 as a utility vehicle, etc. Have really babied it, almost no off-road use, will drive through a meadow every now and then…. kindve just cruise around the subdivision periodically, etc. Anyway, I’ve always noticed since I got...
  2. WagginTail

    P700m4 SOLD 2014 700-4 For Sale

    $10,500. Just replaced all ball joints, left rear axle and knuckle bearing, and brake pads front and rear. I have the factory wheels and tires and side nets. Also have a homemade plexiglass windshield for it. 2" Super ATV lift front and rear. 1" spring spacer on the front shocks. I installed...
  3. L

    P700 700-4 DIY Roofs & Sunshades

    Wanted to ask the forums what DIY roof's they've made for their 700-4's since the geometry makes for some interesting challenges without paying several hundred dollars for custom molded plastic. I'll start with my own, which is a custom sized 53" x 66" Heavy Duty Vinyl Mesh with grommets every...
  4. 2

    P700 Clutch Adjustment

    Hey everyone I am new to SxS’s and new to the forum. I recently purchased a new 2018 700-4 and I have some issues. Whenever I am cruising and lightly keep the gas peddle pushed down it sounds like it’s constantly trying to switch gear or get into gear and when I press on the gas more it goes...
  5. C

    P700 LED Light bar brackets

    What brackets are you guys using for a 42” to 52” light bar below the windshield? I have the Honda 2piece split windshield. Thanks guys
  6. J

    MSA M20 with Mega Mayhem tires. Only 20 miles!

    Almost new wheels and tires! Only 20 miles on them. Came off my Honda pioneer 700-4. I bought it used and these were too aggressive. Rims are 14" MSA m20 with 27" Mega Mayhem tires. 4x100 bolt pattern Front tires are 27x9x14 Back are 27x11x14 $600 Located in Buffalo, NY
  7. C

    P700 Power Sterring Issue

    Power Sterring Issue. My power steering indicator on the dash keeps flickering on and off. I've noticed that the steering will stiffen up at times as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 700-4 delux. New to the form. Thanks guys
  8. P

    P700 Soft Top without the Rods

    Has anyone installed the soft top on a 700-4 without the support rods? Just wondering if it would work and/or still look good? It seems that the rods make the top a lot taller than it really needs to be.
  9. SuperYeti

    Where to ride in Washington State

    Well we've finally decided to take a trip with the 700-4 down to the Oregon dunes in August. Going to stay for 2 nights and get a day and a bit of riding in. We're road tripping from Southern BC through Washington, and would liked to find another place or 2 we can setup the RV overnight and get...
  10. SundayRdr

    Multi 4/5 point Harness help and suggestions

    Ok guys I just received my 4/5 point harness's for the front seats on my 700. So I'm looking for the do's and donts from yalls experience. Pictures would be helpful. I have a general idea of what I plan on doing but always open to suggestions.
  11. 1rooster

    Custom 700-4 cage and roof

    GO TO PAGE TWO FOR 2.0 update I got a custom built cage and flush mount roof for sale. I got a good friend that is an engineer that build it at his machine shop so it is built well. I'm selling this one so we can start building a new one with a few minor changes so they can start producing...
  12. 1rooster

    P700m4 700-4 oem roll cage

    Got a factory ROPS roll cage off a 2017 700-4. Located in Fitzgerald Georgia. Willing to travel up to 30 miles. Asking 350.00
  13. B

    I lost my bar snap! Where do I get one?

    I have a soft top for my 700-4 and I (or more accurately, my sister) lost my bar snap for the fiber rod that holds up the soft top. Anyone know where I can get one? I haven't found just a replacement bar snap anywhere and I (she) will not be buying a whole new top for one piece out of it. I have...
  14. B

    P700m4 Dealer - Out the Door Prices P700m4

    I am buying a Honda 700-4 in the next couple of weeks. I am in St Augustine, FL. I am looking for what forum members paid Out the Door for their SxS's. My local dealer has many units in stock, but before I deal I want references on pricing. Travel is a definite option (within reason). Thanks for...
  15. FlHondaSxS

    P700m4 New to the Thread lots of questions long post.

    Hey Everyone, First let me start off with saying I'm not a big forum person so if my formatting is horrible I apologize. I'm a brand new 2017 Honda 700-4 Deluxe owner and after a couple rides with my (Rzr 1000 and Cam am 1000 friends) looking to do some modifications to make the ride a bit more...
  16. Moses

    P700 honda pioneer spare tire rack with cooler and rotopax mount

    honda 700-4 bolt on quick disconnect spare tire rack with cooler mount and rotopax mount
  17. Predhead

    P700 Red Interior lighting

    I have been trying to figure out how to light the inside where I wouldn't loose my night vision or wouldn't be looking directly at a light. Found my solution. I took about 3' of waterproof LED light strip and wired to an accessory switch. I bought 5 meters for $4.89...
  18. UTRider

    Fisher ATV World Video - Pioneers in Alaska

    Ok, so this isn't technically a video about a P1k, but I thought everyone would like it. I think I have a new item for my bucket list after watching this. It fun to watch the Pioneer up in Alaska. Hope y'all enjoy!
  19. Predhead

    Best place for a family ride around TN

    I have a new 700-4 and since I've always had an ATV I have really never had the opportunity to take the entire family for a ride. I'm looking for a good ride for myself, wife, 8 yr old daughter and 4 yr old daughter. Somewhere the kids will enjoy and is within a couple of hours of Nashville...
  20. Predhead

    P700 Feel like a real member now

    I joined HondaSxS a week or two ago in hopes of learning more about the Pioneer while I was waiting to purchase one. Well, I finally went picked up my Pioneer 700-4 last Friday. I have already started modifying and loving my Pioneer. Thanks for all the great ideas. Hopefully I can share some...

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