1. Travis R

    ATV New Louisiana Member

    Hello, I’m a new member from Southeast Louisiana and this is my first post. I currently have a 2009 Foreman 500 FPE that I purchased new. I’m 37 and had Honda ATVs and ATCs all my life. I owned a few other brands in the past but it didn’t take long to realize Honda is the best. Now I’m in the...
  2. K

    P700 Noob - Help!

    So I’m new to the forum… bought a Pionner 700-4 brand new in 2019 as a utility vehicle, etc. Have really babied it, almost no off-road use, will drive through a meadow every now and then…. kindve just cruise around the subdivision periodically, etc. Anyway, I’ve always noticed since I got...
  3. WagginTail

    P700m4 SOLD 2014 700-4 For Sale

    $10,500. Just replaced all ball joints, left rear axle and knuckle bearing, and brake pads front and rear. I have the factory wheels and tires and side nets. Also have a homemade plexiglass windshield for it. 2" Super ATV lift front and rear. 1" spring spacer on the front shocks. I installed...
  4. T

    Dual battery suggestions

    I am wanting to install another battery on my HP700. Any recommendations on a battery and the products needed to do this would be greatly appreciated!
  5. N

    Bed extender for sale

    I have a new in box bed extender for the 700/1000. Bought for 400 and waited 6 months for it to arrive. Backordered then came in and I had already installed a different one. Everything included. Would consider shipping but would be hard as its a big box and quite heavy. Would like 300 as to...
  6. S

    P700 Hard Door Kit Replacement Glass?

    Just shattered the sliding glass on my 700 hard door and was wondering if anybody has replaced them. I can’t find Honda replacement parts for it.
  7. C

    P700 Superatv lift kit VS eBay spacers

    Excuse my ignorance, but can anyone tell me the functional difference of the superatv lift kit VS the 2 inch spacers available on ebay? Obviously there is a price difference. I haven't heard much feedback of the superatv lift kit. Thanks in advance for the info.
  8. B

    P700 6” portals - go big or go home

    I’ve been working on this 2017 pioneer deluxe for 3 years, I bought it new and have slowly added lifts and tires, first 27” mud tires, then 29.5” bkts, now I’m at 33” bkts. Considering 35s or 37s. I’ve got a 2.5” spacer suspension lift and forward arched a arms from that give another 2.5” of...

    Multi Which hard cooler you like and why?

    My Grizzly cooler got stolen last weekend. What cooler does everyone like and why?
  10. R

    P700 Warrior Snorkel Kit- Help with vent lines

    New to forum and sxs. Installed the snorkel kits to Honda pioneer 700 and 700-4 without any issues (700-4 was more involved and required some adaption). The pictures that came with the kit for the vent lines is really unreadable. Was hoping someone who already did this can give me some...

    Who is staying at Comfort Inn?

    Who is all staying at the Comfort Inn? What day you arriving? Are you trailering to RRB everyday or riding trail 10/12?

    To Beadlock or not?

    been looking at all the rim choices available these days and beadlocks are such a popular option! But I’ve heard of leaking issues! Those that have them, do you like them or wished you had non-beadlocks?
  13. C

    P700 LED Light bar brackets

    What brackets are you guys using for a 42” to 52” light bar below the windshield? I have the Honda 2piece split windshield. Thanks guys
  14. J

    MSA M20 with Mega Mayhem tires. Only 20 miles!

    Almost new wheels and tires! Only 20 miles on them. Came off my Honda pioneer 700-4. I bought it used and these were too aggressive. Rims are 14" MSA m20 with 27" Mega Mayhem tires. 4x100 bolt pattern Front tires are 27x9x14 Back are 27x11x14 $600 Located in Buffalo, NY
  15. rlutech

    P1000 stock bumper and headlights

    P1000 stock headlights and front bumper. Brand new take offs. Make me an offer.
  16. SundayRdr

    P700 Broken U-joint / Yoke assembly

    I broke the universal joint Saturday night at the takeover. I can't recall reading or hearing anything about a bad or broken universal joint on a Pioneer. I havent any abnormal noises any vibrations indicating a bad u-joint. We removed the broken pieces and a friend towed me to camp with me...
  17. SundayRdr

    Multi 4/5 point Harness help and suggestions

    Ok guys I just received my 4/5 point harness's for the front seats on my 700. So I'm looking for the do's and donts from yalls experience. Pictures would be helpful. I have a general idea of what I plan on doing but always open to suggestions.
  18. E

    P700 Canvas Half Doors

    So I am wanting to purchase the Canvas Half Doors and rear panel for my 2017 700-2. I already have the hard top and windshield. When I called the dealer, the parts guy said that I could only get the camo half doors for the 700-2. He said the black will only work with the 700-4. Is this true? I...
  19. SundayRdr

    Tennesseans speak up

    I'm just curious of how many Tennesse members we have. I know of a few on here @CPope @BIGRACK @Crow_Hunter @Delton @LandPioneer @JACKAL @PioneerPete I know of a few more but i am having a brain fart at the moment. I'm curious to were yall ride in Tn other than Winrock and royal blue. How...
  20. P

    P700 HELP!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and I am looking for some help. I have a Honda 700 about 2 years old. We bought it brand new. I installed a snorkel on it and it rode great for the last 2 years until a few months ago. While out on the trails, it seemed like it would not shift out of second...

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