1. mikeholley

    P1000 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 SE

    My first post of the new Honda Pioneer 1000-5 SE which just arrived. Included are few photos of the machine clean as well as a list of accessories from the factory and additional mods recommended from all the great forum posts. Factory: • Honda Roof • Honda Windshield • Warn Winch • Honda Front...
  2. shaptown88

    P1000 Shaptown's 2021 P1k5 Build

    After ordering on 3/09/21 the Pioneer has finally arrived on 7/14/21 and the building process can begin. Not sure whos more pump, the kid or I. Currently still at the dealership till tomorrow morning (7/16/2021). Below is a picture and the list of parts I have already purchased/Installed (4...
  3. E

    P700 2018 Mint 700-4 Deluxe for Sale

    Pioneer 700 and Aluma trailer SOLD together. Selling my 2018 absolutely MINT condition Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe UTV. Adult female driven. 337 easy miles (25 hours) Always stored inside heated shop, never driven in rain or snow, or mud....truly looks brand new. Has a split windshield added...
  4. M

    Honda Talon Storage Cargo Box Install for your UTV or Side By Side mods.

  5. M

    Top 3 Best Bed-Extender Manufacturers for Honda Talon and Pioneer

  6. L

    P700 700-4 DIY Roofs & Sunshades

    Wanted to ask the forums what DIY roof's they've made for their 700-4's since the geometry makes for some interesting challenges without paying several hundred dollars for custom molded plastic. I'll start with my own, which is a custom sized 53" x 66" Heavy Duty Vinyl Mesh with grommets every...
  7. A

    P1000 2020 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe

    I am looking into fully enclosed canvas doors and roof. I would like the hard enclosure but its a little out of my budget. I was wanting to know if anyone has the canvas enclosure, and how it does when it rains. Do they keep all the rain water out or do they leak through at all? Or do they...
  8. jcrowe645

    Wheels spacers

    I have a 2021 Pioneer 1000-5 and am looking into wheel spacers. I’m thinking the wide track kit for front and rear from RB3. Does anyone have before and after pictures or opinions?
  9. jcrowe645


    I know there are several post about this subject over and over again. I feel like I have gone in a rabbit hole trying to research shocks. I just purchased a new 2021 1000-5 deluxe last week. I am looking for personal opinions from people who have changed the shocks on their personal units. I...
  10. D

    P700 M1 Evil

    New here and fairly new to the sxs world. I have a 2020 700-4 Deluxe. I just ordered new tires and went with AMS M1 Evils. The dealer knows what I have and I wanted to go up to 26 inch tires so he said I’ll get them ordered and I left. I was curious so I just looked on the AMS website and the 26...
  11. F

    P1000 2019 Pioneer Mud Build

    Figured I’d drop in with an unusual build - where we ride here in Florida it’s primarily deep water and sloppy peanut butter mud. Had heard about the assassinator tires but didn’t want to go too crazy with portals quite yet. Put a set of 28x10x14’s on the machine with 3” lift and this is the...
  12. 2018GMC

    Pioneer LE Wheels - WANTED - AZ

    If anyone in Arizona wants to sell their Honda Pioneer 1000-3 1000-5 Limited LE model wheels and tires, send me a PM or reply to this thread.
  13. M

    P1000 Is the extra $ worth it for LE vs deluxe?

    New to the site. have done some extensive research into the 1000-5 sxs's. and have decide this is the machine i want. 70% of the riding i wont have extra people but my kids will most likely with me the other amount of time. here is maine the delearships dont carry a lot of honda sxs's and no...
  14. 2

    P700 Clutch Adjustment

    Hey everyone I am new to SxS’s and new to the forum. I recently purchased a new 2018 700-4 and I have some issues. Whenever I am cruising and lightly keep the gas peddle pushed down it sounds like it’s constantly trying to switch gear or get into gear and when I press on the gas more it goes...
  15. ABischoff

    P1000 ABischoff's Pioneer 1000

    Just pulled the trigger last Friday on my first side by side, and my first Honda product. Super excited to see where this takes me! I'm not sure how out of hand and expensive this hobby will get so I don't know how "crazy" this build will be. I am not expecting anything too crazy but only time...
  16. S

    P700 Got some new shoes!!!

    Ordered new tires (zillas) the other day and finally got the chance to mount them up. 2019 pioneer deluxe on stock deluxe wheels. 27x9’s our front 27x11s out back. Fitment is great fronts stick out a smidge past the fender. No power loss to report power steering handles them just fine. Also on...
  17. G

    P1000 New Honda Owner, I-4WD / LR3 Terrain Response

    Hail and well met! I'm new to the forum (2nd post here) and new to the side by side world. I'm coming in from wheeling 4x4 trucks - Ford rangers, Jeeps, Samurai, and more recently, Land Rovers. I've been a hardcore offroader/rock crawler in New England for over a decade and I'm looking...
  18. T

    P1000 Best UTV website for used Pioneer?

    What is the best website to search locally (Texas) or nationally for a used Pioneer? I found, but the website is ate up with ads and other garbage. Thanks all.
  19. SouthwestORV

    Snow in Arizona - donuts in the P500 (video)

    We finally got some snow that stuck. So, I figured I'd wake up Rambo - knew he'd want to play in it a little. Keep in mind, I live in N/E Arizona, at 5800 ft elevation.
  20. Cuoutdoors

    P1000 Pioneer 1000 LE Wheels and Tires

    I am selling the wheels and tires off my Pioneer 1000 LE. They are brand new. I took them off immediately when I got home and put others on. They are the Bighorn 2.0 tires.

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