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Sep 19, 2016

  1. 1000-3
I have received some great news from my local dealer here in Maine. After half-burning my R,1,3,5 clutch and experiencing high revs while slowly crawling through rough terrain in a tight woods trail on Thursday night, I spoke to Honda on Friday about getting my 1000-3 fixed. They initially told me they had one other customer that had the same problem, and told me not to worry, they would order the part (the clutch pack) and call me when it is in, and instructed me to drive it like I normally would in the meantime. The weekend has passed, which halfway through a 60 mile ride on Saturday, the transmission seemed to adjust itself and it stopped revving and hesitating between shifts and takeoff. However, when coming to a stop, I was now unable to shift back to Park without first turning the machine off. It is quite difficult to shift between modes at a stop at this point, which seems to be a side-effect of the transmission self-adjusting the clutch engagement. Pretty strange to be out riding and it seems to just auto-fix itself, lol.

Anyway, I just spoke to the dealership again this morning, to find out the parts ETA, and to explain my new transmission issue. They now have new information about a recall coming out which addresses this whole issue. I was told that the parts may not be available for 3 or 4 weeks at this point, but it affects all these transmissions, whether you've had a clutch issue or not. He explained that Honda has been quite aware of the issue, and has developed updated clutch packs that have not failed after extensive testing. I have no reason to believe this service writer is just blowing smoke up my ass, but at first it did seem too good to be true. Apparently this new recall clutch is much stronger and is 'the fix' to all our existing clutch problems.

I'm only repeating exactly what my Honda dealer told me, and I'm hoping this is 100% accurate. Some of you may want to contact your local dealer to confirm what I've been told. If this is fact, then this could put many of our minds at ease, as it did mine this morning. God I love being the bearer of great news! I'll update this thread as I find more information. I'm currently waiting to schedule my machine for repair once the new parts are available. Happy trails everyone!

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