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  1. Y

    P700 filter/sieve fuel pump

    I need help, a lot, greetings from Mexico, happy owner of the first Honda Pioneer, model 700 year 2014, I bought it in November, first owner, because the ailments are already beginning, and the ugly begins, for any product, that is not sold in Officially in a country, I can't find any spare...
  2. T

    P700 Repair under Warranty Unaceptable

    On June 5th I took my P700 to dealership where i purchased for locked up transmission. It was within warranty period. Was told would be at least 2 weeks before they could get to it. Well here it is July 11 and still nothing. I did talk with them 1st of July. They said they were behind and were...
  3. SouthwestORV

    P500 P500 Door Latch Problem Fixed - Video

    Hello friends, I've been annoyed since day one at the way that my driver's side door rattles, both during operation and while sitting at idle. I got looking closely and figured out the problem - the door latch was mounted poorly from the factory, so it did not latch tight against the rubber...
  4. Eltobgi

    P1000 Replacing clutch pack on the Beast

    Before I can fix it I've got to remove the ice build up! & remove skid plate to change oil!
  5. B

    P1000 Cthulhu reborn

    So. Got my insurance and shop estimates back. Total is about 4100. My deductable is 500 so they are cutting me a check for around 3600. From that 3600 dollars, I am only going to get my roll Cage fixed and new back doors ordered. Evidently they won't just sell one door, you have to buy pairs...

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