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  1. S

    P1000 Bed extension - truck tail gate

    Hey Pioneer lovers, After many reviews, researching designs attempting to be as cost efficient as possible, I finally was able to pull the trigger on a “home made” and extremely functional bed extender. Here are the details: 2007 F150 step side, tail gate bed extender. Tore this completely...
  2. Raghorn

    P500 Ramp Length/Ramps - P500 in Truck Bed

    When hauling my bumper pull camper, I plan to bring the P500 with me in the truck bed. What ramps do you use? How long of ramps would you recommend? I am planning on the ramps below as the weight rating is more than enough and they are longer than the standard 6 foot ramps (which I have for...
  3. F

    Custom Tailgate

    My buddy and i built these Tailgates and there were several things we wanted to accomplish: 1) Change the geometry to stop the "bucking" 2) Added weight to help with the "stiff" ride 3) Wanted a cooler and large storage box 4) Gas can for going out west 5) Can use my larger Yeti 65 when I don't...
  4. Russ989

    P700 PBR tailgate brackets

    Installed the PBR tailgate brackets yesterday, I never understood why Honda didn’t make them that way to begin with. Honda Pioneer 1000, 700, and 500 Tailgate extender / leveling mounts
  5. Stauvo

    P1000 Stauvo's Lay Flat Tailgate Brackets

    Here is my weekend project. Took awhile as I am metalurgically retarded and have limited tools. I have wanted to do this since I got my machine when decided to stay with my stock cables. Now my coolers will lay flat and a bed extension plan can be played with. Thank you all for ideas and...
  6. CumminsPusher

    P700 Tough Tailgate

    I'm not sure if this is already been posted I looked around a bit and didn't see it but I thought it was a good idea so I figured I'd post it here. Probably someone on here making them so give a shout out. A little pricey but be nice for hunting or heavy work I know these gates are light duty.
  7. CumminsPusher

    P1000 Cumminspusher-the New Ride

    CumminsPusher submitted a new Garage Item: CumminsPusher-The new ride Read more about this showcase item here...

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