1. C

    P1000 Floor protection

    I’ve got a 2021 1000-5 & have been looking at different skid plates & metal floor plates. Was wondering if anyone has the metal floor plates & if so how much do you trust them compared to the skid plates? Also if I go with skid plate, do you like the steel or uhmw material?
  2. Wisdumb

    P500 My P5 Build

    Hello Everyone, I've had my P5 for a few weeks now and have had packages with accessories and add-ons rolling in every day since then. The purpose of this thread is to catalog the changes and give you guys some pictures of what we've been up to. It should also be a good place for you guys to...
  3. S

    P500 OEM Skid Plates

    Hi Everyone. I going to use my 2017 P500 around my property for utility work that's part of a forestry program (NE Ohio, wooded with some creeks). I have been contemplating skid plates but I'm wondering if I supplement the OEM set up with with some Kydex a-arm protectors front and back if I'll...
  4. AKTMW

    P1000m5 Buy OEM Aluminum Skid Plates or wait for UHMW?

    Ordered the red Honda 1000-5 Deluxe up in Alaska. One of the first on the pre-order list, so I'm hoping I get a call from the dealer soon! Are you planning to go with the OEM Aluminum skid plates, or wait for a UHMW kit? I was planning to wait for someone to come out with aftermarket UHMW...

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