wheel spacers

  1. C

    P1000 Back tires toed in after lift and spacers

    I have a 2021 1000-5 and after I put the a arm kit, 3” lift, and wheel spacers from SATV on it made the back tires toe in pretty bad. Anyone else had this issue or know what it might be? Thanks in advance
  2. Steve00

    P500 WE SHOCKS ORDERED! Will I notice?

    Walker Evan's shocks ordered with 1.5 inch wheel spacers and removing sway bar, Will I notice a difference on the whoops? There killing me at my atv park they dont groom the trails.
  3. RB3offroad

    P1000 Wide Bundle Wheel Spacer blowout!

    Hello everyone, Many of you have been talking about wheel spacers and needing a combination of sizes to accommodate your new wheels or even your personal preference. Well we have a Wide Bundle Package right now on rb3offroad.com that comes with our NEW 1.5 Ultra-Light wheel spacers for the rear...
  4. RB3offroad

    P1000 Door hinges, wheels spacers....

    Goodmorning everyone, I was informed our website has been put up and there are Door bushing replacements available for you. As well as our annodized wheel spacers. Everything we are making here in the USA and machine them to a specified tolerance. We have a P1k5 here and I replaced our bushings...
  5. R

    P1000 Trouble

    I bought my Pioneer 1000-5 about a month ago and during the second ride, I smelled antifreeze and quickly returned home. After some investigating, I discovered the top hose to the water pump was leaking where the clamp attached it to the pump. It appears that the clamp was put on at the factory...
  6. GlockMeister

    P1000m5 GlockMeisters P1K5 Build Continues

    Howdy everyone, this is the beginning of my probably very slow build,been slowly piecing it together since feb. here's what I've got so far... factory roof two piece hardcoat windshield soft rear panel home made insulation under seat Home made bug screen Custom overhead stereo gun rack Light...
  7. bigsnowman

    P1000 Wheel Spacers

    First off, the help that I've found here has been nothing short of spectactular! Everyone's willingness to post and share what they've learned has been awesome! I know that I read somewhere (and now I can't find it and didn't bookmark it either) where someone used Sixity's wheel spacers to get...
  8. Whiskey1

    P1000 Whiskey gets wider....

    I've widened the Honda's in my life. Even in the early years, my Honda ATC 200s (whew, that was in 1985!) got a little fatter on the hubs. I like the width for better stability on slopes, and the ability to see the tires from the drivers position, a bit better. Today, Whiskey plumped out 1.25...

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