BRed 2011 Big Red Engine Revs But Won't Go [SOLVED]


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Jan 9, 2021

  1. Big Red
I just acquired a 2011 BR with a known issue that it sometimes wouldn't drive, almost as if the transmission disengaged or the clutches are worn. I drove it around a bit and did a few different drive tests and I think there's more to the issue. After letting it warm up a bit, it almost always takes off like it should. However, I have NEVER noticed the machine to shift into 2nd (or 3rd, for that matter). It hits the rev limiter in 1st (maybe around 15-20mph?). Then when you stop and try to drive again, 95% of the time the engine revs up but the machine doesn't move (or barely moves). Sometimes I can feather the accelerator to coax it into moving fast enough to match the rpm's and then it feels like maybe it shifts and drives like it did before stopping. It doesn't seem to matter if I shift to N/R or if I put it in either 4WD modes or 2WD. If I shut the machine off entirely for a minute then it seems to get back to drivable mode, but all of the above presents itself again.

Researching the issue mostly pointed to being oil-related so the first thing I did was drain the oil and replace it with Valvoline ATV/UTV 10W40. I started at the min level and gave it a quick drive to take note of how it performed and then I added a little more and did the same procedure. Even with it slightly over-filled, the issue persists. I have NOT changed the oil filter yet as I have to wait for one to be shipped.

I checked every electrical connector I could find and didn't notice anything broken or out of place. No lights on the dash (confirmed they all work). Fuses are all good. I haven't checked any relays or solenoids yet. I got the machine with the full expectation that I would likely be tearing the engine down, but I would really like to explore all potential causes before I get to that point. This is my first sxs so I don't know what those potential causes could be.


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