BRed Big Red low power and misfire


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Sep 6, 2021

  1. Big Red
2012 Big Red light adult use. Starts easily and idles smoothly; 1rst gear low speed operation isnormal, but begins to lose power and misfire under moderate acceleration. Same misfire in neutral under moderate throttle. MIL comes on but no DTC blink codes, fuel supply is clean with good pressure, but old plug showed carbon buildup like it is running too rich. Oil level good, muffler and spark arrestor not clogged and have replaced plug, coil, EFI, IAC, and air filter. I have read several posts about excessive camshaft wear but Honda dealer says no such recalls or bulletins for this VIN, plus there is a 6 week backlog for their shop to diagnose. Can CKP, MAP, or TP sensors cause this? Suggestions?
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