P500 Engine dying


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Sep 21, 2017
Smithfield , Utah

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Hi folks, I recently had my 2017 500 die out on the trail. After a few cycles of the key it was back to normal.
I have 30 years as a tech for a German car company and found something on the Pioneer that would have been a definite red flag on the autos I worked on. #1, The coil and spark plug wire have two harnesses routed right next to them. The spark plug wire was touching the 02 sensor wire and another harness was touching the coil. These harnesses go right to the control module. The high voltage and EM signal has caused havoc on autos with all this electronics and produced the same symptom. Engine dies and then restarts when key cycled. The fix is to move these harnesses away from the coil and plug wire. #2 the ground next to the battery. It was as tight as could be but closer inspection showed corrosion between the connector and frame. The fix is to clean, add die electric grease and reassemble. don't forget to clean the threads of both the bolt and the frame. Hope this helps some folks.

IMG_20210523_130413140.jpg IMG_20210523_091358604.jpg IMG_20210523_091724403.jpg

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