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Honda Sport sXs

Discussion in 'Honda's Future Sport SxS' started by Brad777, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Brad777

    Brad777 New Member

    Jun 21, 2013
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    I've always been a Honda fan. I've owned 4 different motorcycles and a bunch of different quads. I've also owned a Civic and 3 Accords. My experience with Honda is that they wreak with quality.

    The reason for my registration here is to keep an eye of what Honda is up to. Their latest addition, the 'Pioneer' falls way short of performance (in all regards) of my Polaris XP. Due to this, I wouldn't consider a change. However, I see the 'Pioneer' as leaps and bounds beyond the Big Red. With this, I'm impressed. I'm hoping someone from Honda is reading this...because of your reputation, you could steal the sXs market if you'd get a really nice sport machine that has an appearance something like the RZR or Can Am. Your machine will have to have a really good suspension, with good ground clearance, and plenty of power...I'm talking at least 90 hp. With this, I'd not only be on board to get rid of my RZR XP, but you guys would be the 'comeback from nowhere guys' and quickly steal the sXs market.

    I'm hoping that team Honda is listening. Your window of opportunity is closing as most all manufacturers are coming out with bigger and better to compete with the sXs leaders. As Yamaha, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, move to make their machines more competitive, your fight will uphill since most people will buy and hold on to their machine for a few years before trading up. Only then will you have an opportunity for their business.

    Get with it Honda. I'm watching, I'm hoping for great things from you!!

  2. Hondasxs

    Hondasxs Club Founder
    Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Member Club Contributor

    Feb 13, 2013
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    Charlotte, NC
    Brad, Thank you for signing up. Be sure to check back often.

    As for the Pioneer. We see it as Honda's move to erase the damage made from the BR. There is still a lot of rumor about a sport sxs but nothing confirmed. Honda tends to keep things under raps petty good. We agree... There is a lot of people watching Honda and there moves. Honda seems to be taking the route of playing it safe when it comes to HP the are letting the "other guys" figure out the kinks.

    If Honda did release a 90hp SxS with good looks and a bit of speed I too am sure they would steal the market.

    Again, thank you.

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