Talon Honda Talon pricing Game 2.0

Honda Talon “X” and “R” price quesstimate (one vote for each, total of 2votes)

  • X under 16,500

  • X 16,500-17,500

  • X 17,500-18,500

  • X 18,500-19,500

  • X 19,500-20,500

  • X over 20,500

  • R under 17,500

  • R 17,500-18,500

  • R 18,500-19,500

  • R 19,500-20,500

  • R 20,500-21,500

  • R over 21,500

Results are only viewable after voting.


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Dec 29, 2016
Southern Indiana

still don't think I will ever see one, out of the dealer, only seen two pioneers, one was checking power lines, and a 500 the guy bought for hunting and plowing. kinda doubt they would even order one for eye candy, the one that is Yamaha too had the yxz out there every time I went by there for two or three years, then you see it for about 5k off and its finally gone
My dealer put an order in for 20 units and has down payments on 3. I think honda is on to something with the talon. You know the old saying " you get what you pay for" I hope they sell, would like to see honda take off in the sport model side of this market. More options to be had for us!!!
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Sep 23, 2018
western ny

I'm sure in areas of the country they will sell, but around here the trails are mostly too tight and slow for something like that to matter. the people that have got to have the newest and coolest whatever I'm sure will love it. not many people around here like that. you don't see anything expensive or big like the big can ams or yxz 1000, a lot of hunters and farmers that are cheap, rangers rhinos and one maverick trail 800 are the utvs in our local club, plus my pioneer and you see a couple 500s around now

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