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Aug 29, 2021
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Hi everyone
Hope all is good with you and yours

I just bought a 2017 p500 I think I got a good deal at $6k but it needs some work which I’m going to try and do myself

I had some rookie questions maybe you could help or dorect me to the threads where the questions have already been answered?

Thanks ahead of time

1. The seller said the front breaks need calipers and pads and rotors where can I buy it all assembled ? Is that even possible

2. The seller said the back break needs caliper and pads same

3. After riding 15 minutes I get a small amount of light blue fluid ion the front too of diff the seller said it was coolant from the overflow reservoir and normal

4. Hand break doesn’t work due to back break needing repair

5. Only manual paddle changing gears works not automatic the seller says The dash switch that toggles between automatic and manual ta/ma is bad is it only the switch or could it be more in depth ? If so what?

6. The speedometer/display is hazy and can it just be unplugged and replaced ? I found one on eBay but I would rather buy everything from one vendor especially one that accepts affirm payment

7. Where can I get the repair manual, owners manual, service manual online or download ?

8. Where is the best place to buy the factory recommended fluids and filters online and what brands ?

Thanks for your time have a great day God Bless


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