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---rear mount backup lights x4, Cree 15w 120deg. These are mounted to lower and side roll cage for maximum lighting. The work very well with backup camera(if you look close you can see me taking pictures in the monitor in the rear view pic) don't blind people riding behind you,light up sides extremely well and flat ass look cool. Works well while loading and turns on automatically when tailgate is lowered, in reverse, or rear camera switch is activated. (We had a single 72w Cree prior and it was always too much or not enough and was always in the way or covered by the rear window. These are always uncovered and great.
---door lights, 5watt Cree Honda logo lights up a Honda logo on each door that's opened. More cool then anything but does avoid puddles in the dark.
---under dash/rear box lights x4, 1 in each corner lights up entry per door and come on automatically also with interior light switch.
---speaker bar outer lights x4, 5watt cree cob strips. Each side comes on with each door opened and also switch.
---speaker bar inner lights x4, 3watt Cree are independent of each other and are designed as personal lights. They are mounted directly over head and provide instant light for anyone.
---switch lighting x14, each switch has instructional light that comes on with headlights or at dark with driver door opened.
---interior lighting comes on with any door or tailgate open
---party lighting turns on whips,side lights,and rock lights. It has a remote can be any color,flash, sequence and also has music mode which will "dance" to the music throughput those systems. This is also 2nd in line to turn off automatically if 2nd battery drops below 11.8v.
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