1. onecreeper

    P700 What things to add.

    Sorry, I am sure there are many threads but I never seem to find a consistent answer. So here is what I am thinking...feel free to suggest others. Have a new (July) P700-4 Deluxe. I have been looking at the Nilite 4 gang switch is about $30. I plan to get a middle of the road 20"...
  2. A

    P1000 Accessory Install Wait time?

    Just bought a 1000-5 and been waiting on accessories for three weeks. Dealer just says their "being shipped". Anyone else experiencing this level of delay? I finally just asked them to give me the Pioneer without accessories so I could at least break it in. Being told it'll be another 2-3 week...
  3. Cuoutdoors

    Montana Jacks Outpost

    I want to give a shout out to Montana Jacks. I have done a fair amount of business with them and they are always fantastic to work with. When you call, Scott (the owner) answers the phone and he's a great guy. They are a small shop in Montana but do a great deal of business with WARN and seems...
  4. Steve00


    Do I need a Snorkel? I dont play much in deep water or mud so do i need a snorkel and is there ANY benefits other than mud/water?
  5. S

    P1000 Rough Country light bar kit

    honda-pioneer-10-inch-bumper-led-92001c.html Found this kit on RC website, their lights are high quality and this kit looks solid just wanted to pass along the info.
  6. H

    Honda Talon 1000 Accessory Installation Instructions

    Posting Talon Accessory Instructions, @Hondasxs feel free to sitcky. I've tried to title them for easy ID. Didn't bother with mirrors as I know most people wont spend the money Honda wants for them anyways and its cut and drive on installing them. Drop a line if anything is labeled incorrectly...
  7. SouthwestORV

    Honda Pioneer SIDE MIRRORS - Maverick Advantage - (video)

    I just mounted up a set of Maverick Advantage side mirrors on my Pioneer 500. I'm honestly impressed by the product. They sell mirrors to fit all three Pioneer models. Maverick Advantage's design is simple and sturdy, and I love the tension adjustment nut on the swivel. These mirrors look nice...
  8. H

    P1000 Door Armrests

    Anyone have ideas on some padded armests to go on top of the doors? Thanks!
  9. Mudder

    P500 Poll $ spent on P500 Mods or Accessories

    Poll- How much spent on P500 mods or accessories? And to help others, what were the best additions for the money spent? (Here ya go @trigger!)
  10. Mudder

    P500 Best mods you've done?

    Just a thought to help the newer owners, rank the best mods or accessories you've done 1-5. 1 = Best, recommended 3 = Ok 5 = little value ...Keeping it generic as to not bash any particular brands.
  11. CMFox

    P500 Which accessories first?

    We just bought a Pioneer 500. We are absolute noobies to UTVing-ATVing etc. As winter comes to Central Oregon we're trying to figure out which accessory is the best to buy as we can't buy em all now. We'd like to ride some this winter. What's the first thing to buy? Roof? WIndshield? What does...

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