1. Mudder

    Multi ZELLO phone/walkie talkie app

    Saw this ZELLO phone app for walkie talkie function. Interesting if you are in an area with signal service. (Takeover base camp??) Best free push-to-talk (PTT) app, walkie-talkie PoC, and WiFi voice app - Zello
  2. Ragnar406

    Baofeng handheld - Speaker mic modification

    Edited to add - the modification on the handheld mic below turned out not to improve the audio enough to be beneficial - recommendation now is to not buy the speaker mic pictured - thread below still has good information and will continue to update The benefit of using the Baofeng handheld...
  3. Ragnar406

    How many Hams are on here

    Since the topic of Ham radio came up on another thread I was wondering how many people we have with their Amateur Radio License. I am a General class having passed my tech exam in 1991 while studying electronics - teacher was a Ham and since this was before cell phones a bunch of us in class...
  4. AKRider

    Communication Options and the Advantages of Becoming a Ham

    I didn't mean to beat the hornets nest, but there's been a lot of discussion here about communications equipment, radio's, what is legal and what isn't. There's also been discussion about amateur radios (HAMS), the advantages to being one, and how to get your license. Hopefully I can cover this...

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