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  1. ARDilbert

    Pioneer 1000-5 Doors/Windows/Snorkel

    New to the HondaSXS world. Just purchased a 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Trail Edition. Had the ArmourTech cab, front and rear windows, and doors factory installed. Also waiting on rear top and extra battery to come in. I had an issue with the i4wd warning light within the first 5 hours of use...
  2. Alaskapioneer

    P700 Fabric Door Insulation / Operation Questions

    Hey guy I just purchased the Honda Fabric doors for my 2018 700-4. I see a warning on them not to have them attached during transport. Does anyone have any advice on the removal of the doors before transport? Should you remove the doors? Also does anyone have pictures or video of the...
  3. SouthwestORV

    P500 P500 Door Latch Problem Fixed - Video

    Hello friends, I've been annoyed since day one at the way that my driver's side door rattles, both during operation and while sitting at idle. I got looking closely and figured out the problem - the door latch was mounted poorly from the factory, so it did not latch tight against the rubber...
  4. JWM

    P1000 P1000m3 Tube Doors??????

    My P1000m3 is equipped with Honda factory full doors which I like very much in the spring, fall and winter. I would like to have a set of tube/half doors that hinge the same way (hinges at the rear of the cab) as my factory full doors. Any ideas???.
  5. H

    P1000 Door Armrests

    Anyone have ideas on some padded armests to go on top of the doors? Thanks!
  6. CumminsPusher

    P1000 Next P1K project begins

    Well it's getting cold now and as much as I've been liking the seat heat it's not enough so it's about time for a change. I've got an idea but this one will require some serious thought because of the logistics. Hope to get it right and I've got my beautiful helper to assist but this won't be a...
  7. jasontjames

    P1000 Slop in the driver's side door

    I just noticed it tonight when I was trying to close the door. The drivers door is loose at the hinge. The second picture is me lifting up on the door. I have to lift up on it slightly to close it. You can see the gap at the hinge in the picture below. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. Jody

    P1000m5 Awesome service from dealer and accessories vendor

    I just wanted to give a shout out to the service department Eric @ Virden Rec. and Water Sports, and also to the manufacturer of the Honda soft doors. I have the full soft cab and had an issue with a bent and broken rear door,(the wife left it up and tried to drive out of the garage, lol). Honda...

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