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led lighting

  1. Lilred500

    P500 Whips on a p500

    What brand whips is everybody running and where are you mounting them? I’m thinking about getting some 4ft whips and adding them inside my bed just wanna see what everyone else has done. Let’s see some pics!!!
  2. Cuoutdoors

    P1000 More Light/ front lights/rear lights

    So on my last build I put a cheap 52" light bar just under the roof line and a pair of fog lights up on the bumper. Here is a link for what I had. Only at the time it wasn't in a kit like this...
  3. R

    P700 LED Light Bar

    Just bought the oem aux switchplate with the aux fuse box. Researching into purchasing an LED light bar and I notice the max amp circuit is 10amps and that’s the heater connection in that aux fuse box. That tells me the max wattage I can safely use in that circuit is 120 watts. Am I missing...
  4. Guito

    Guito's 700

    Guito submitted a new Garage Item: Guito's 700 Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. DPort

    P1000 "Dirty-Products"

    Has anyone had experience with this company? dirty-products I was looking at their glass windshield and lights. They are Canadian and as near as I can tell, speak only French.
  6. CumminsPusher

    P1000 Cumminspusher-the New Ride

    CumminsPusher submitted a new Garage Item: CumminsPusher-The new ride Read more about this showcase item here...

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