P1000 More Light/ front lights/rear lights


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Sep 12, 2016
Central Iowa

  1. 1000-3
So on my last build I put a cheap 52" light bar just under the roof line and a pair of fog lights up on the bumper. Here is a link for what I had. Only at the time it wasn't in a kit like this.

They all held up well for over 18 months with no issues. I thought they were pretty bright....Everyone looking into them thought so anyway....

I also had some cheap o's on the back for lighting up the bed and seeing in reverse.

SO, I am looking for input on different lights. If I can get more light output and use fewer lights or smaller lights that would be great. It sounds like Rough Country has some good options. @ohanacreek has a 20" on front and @joeymt33 which lights are you using? I know Rigid makes good lights but I'll be damned if I'm spending that kind of money. Thanks for any input.

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