led light bar

  1. P

    P1000 Dash gun mount and switch panel

    I haven’t seen this on any forums. It may have been done before but wanted to show my dash build. I put two Rhino XL mounts on the dash for vertical gun storage. Around it I was able to squeeze in an accessory usb outlet with voltage meter for the second battery and a smaller switch panel...
  2. Parmer84

    P700 Led rocker switch stays on

    I installed a led light bar . I connected the positive to the battery. Grounded the negative with the relay. However when the machine is off the rocker switch stays lit up. How can I do it so it only lights up when key is on so it doesn't drain battery? Honda pioneer 700-4
  3. S

    P1000 Rough Country light bar kit

    honda-pioneer-10-inch-bumper-led-92001c.html Found this kit on RC website, their lights are high quality and this kit looks solid just wanted to pass along the info.
  4. C

    P700 LED Light bar brackets

    What brackets are you guys using for a 42” to 52” light bar below the windshield? I have the Honda 2piece split windshield. Thanks guys
  5. Cuoutdoors

    P1000 More Light/ front lights/rear lights

    So on my last build I put a cheap 52" light bar just under the roof line and a pair of fog lights up on the bumper. Here is a link for what I had. Only at the time it wasn't in a kit like this. https://www.amazon.com/Yitamotor-Harness-compatible-Offroad-Driving/dp/B01LRP879C/?tag=sxsweb24-20...
  6. R

    P700 LED Light Bar

    Just bought the oem aux switchplate with the aux fuse box. Researching into purchasing an LED light bar and I notice the max amp circuit is 10amps and that’s the heater connection in that aux fuse box. That tells me the max wattage I can safely use in that circuit is 120 watts. Am I missing...
  7. I

    P500 Wiring in an led light bar and work lights.

    Okay....I've searched all over the place for an answer and found a lot of good information but I'm still not confident. I have a 20" light bar and two small work lights I want to install. One wiring harness came with the lights. I also have the Honda accessory sub harness installed with my winch...
  8. Stone

    P1000m5 Switch illumination

    I just installed some mic tuning 5 pin switches for some led lights and winch. I have located and use the "key on power" for my winch and it works fine. Now I'm trying to get the lower light on the switch to illuminate when the headlights are on, the upper light illuminates like it should when I...
  9. Windrock1000

    P1000m5 Windrock1000- She’s still sexy!

    Windrock1000 submitted a new Garage Item: Windrock 1000's- She's Foxy Now Read more about this showcase item here...
  10. J

    5 LED Light Bar installation help and recommendations

    I want to add 5 light bars to my pioneer 1000-5. I would like to have 2 in the front ie roof and bumper and one for each side and rear all controlled by switches. Does anyone have experience with this? Do i need to get a extra battery? Do i need to update the alternator so that it...
  11. RiverFish

    P500 Cargo Box Build with Storage Drawers

    What's up everyone! My first post. Just thought I would share my cargo box build. Let me know what you think...

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