1. D

    P1000 2016 Honda Pioneer-1000 Grinding Noise

    Hello, I took my Pioneer out for a ride yesterday on some trails and had it in 4 wheel drive, 4-high. I got into a spot where I had to back up into a small ditch and turn around, as I was going forward climbing out of this small ditch I heard an awful grinding sound and the whole machine...
  2. C

    P1000 2021 brakes squealing bad

    I have a 2021 1000-5 that has 250 miles on it and my brakes are squealing pretty bad, I haven’t looked into it yet just seeing what it could be. I wouldn’t think that the brakes should be even close to be worn out. Ride on dirt roads and in creeks, not a lot of mud. I have 32” tires with a arm...
  3. P

    P700 If not a P700-4 what would you buy?

    I've taken it to a dealer. They didn't fix it. The squeal is in the engine area. What would you buy if you didn't buy the P700-4? I like the the size, handling, short wheel base, just about everything, particularly the reliability, except that chirp, squeak, squeal the engine makes. Does the...
  4. J

    Suspension Spring Noise Normal??

    Hello Everyone! Brand new to the forum but have been scouring posts for a while now while I was deciding on a machine. Picked up a new 1000R last week and took it on its maiden voyage over the weekend. Absolutely love the machine and it performed as expected. However after getting it home...
  5. Wingnurse32

    P700 Rattling in engine compartment

    Has anyone else noticed rattle in the engine compartment at idle and at lower RPMs. I noticed that the engine & exhaust both mount to a U-shaped bracket that's mounted to the frame. At idle the bracket actually moves back & forth in its frame mount. I'm assuming it was designed to do that. I...

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