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  1. Eric450X

    P1000 Auxiliary Electrical System Build

    So I am a long-time lurker here and have finally become part of the owners club. I recently picked up a low mile 2021 1000-5 that I have been slowly modifying for the last couple of months. My first priority was to build an auxiliary electrical system to handle any lights or radios that I will...
  2. B

    P700 Headlight Relay

    Can anyone supply me with a photo or schematic that identifies which relay is the headlight relay? Thanks
  3. Mudder

    P500 Trouble - electrical

    After a night of full battery charge, still no start with rapid cycle flashing and associated loud clicking from fuse box. Isolated to this relay removed from cluster of four. Any ideas or knowledge on this relay? I have removed and cleaned battery contacts as well as the OEM frame ground...
  4. Rangejunkie

    P1000 Relay cover /relocation

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for some guidance. I installed a snorkle on my 1000-5 and had to remove the stock splash guard / Underhood air cover, which exposed my relays since the splash guard is built into that piece. I was wondering what everyone is doing to cover / protect the relays or are...
  5. 70Bones

    Talon Battery and Relays

    Does anyone know where the battery and relays are in the Talon? Down low, up high? I did a search before asking and didn't find anything.
  6. ShadowAero

    P1000 Adding train horn, relay, and momentary 5 pin LED switch

    I'm posting this to help others who may struggle to wire in a train horn Here is how i wired it. Works great. I used a cheap Bad boy horn(with relay). Seems loud now (until i am near Knuckledeep, his is insane). A couple things to point out. I did not actually run the ground to the battery...
  7. J

    5 LED Light Bar installation help and recommendations

    I want to add 5 light bars to my pioneer 1000-5. I would like to have 2 in the front ie roof and bumper and one for each side and rear all controlled by switches. Does anyone have experience with this? Do i need to get a extra battery? Do i need to update the alternator so that it...

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