reverse lights

  1. 99ridered

    P1000 LED lights on all the time

    I am having some trouble with my reverse lights. I have the lights hooked into the reverse switch and also on a rocker. From the factory reverse plug I have the green and grey wire connected to a mini fuse diode then the lights and ground from the rocker switch. The white wire from the factory...
  2. Budman

    P700 Backup light locations

    Looking for some pictures of reverse light locations have X2 4" cube leds. But I can buy different lights if something catches my fancy. Bimini top and rear fabric window going on soon
  3. P

    P1000m5 Running wires

    Hello, I'm new to the site, which is awesome and also a new 1000-5 owner. However I searched without luck to answers. I'm planning on installing a sound bar on the center crossmember of the rops. An wondering what's the best route for wiring? 2nd. reverse lights, can't believe a 20k machine...
  4. M

    P1000m5 What is roll cage diameter

    Can anyone help me by telling me the frame diameter of the back roll cage, I'm pretty sure it's 48mm but just wanted to make sure. I would check mine but it's out of town! Thanks all.

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