sand dunes

  1. SouthwestORV

    P500 Pioneer 500 vs small SAND BOWL in the dunes (Video)

    This little bowl was beautifully shaped, and tons of fun to play in. I love the sand dunes because I can make my own roller coaster...that and many other reasons. The little 2018 Pioneer 500 did just fine in the dunes. Not a "dune machine" but certainly capable of getting around and having fun.
  2. SouthwestORV

    P500 Pioneer 500 vs HUGE BOWL in the dunes (video)

    Hello friends, While playing in the dunes last week with my 2018 P500, we found this large bowl and I decided to go for it. Rambo did not disappoint! Again, I'm not trying to say that the Pioneer 500 is a "dune machine", but my experience illustrates that it CAN get around in the dunes, and play.
  3. SouthwestORV

    P500 Honda Pioneer 500 vs SAND DUNES

    Hello friends, There is very little information on the web about how the Pioneer 500 performs in the sand dunes. Rightfully so - nobody is buying the Pioneer 500 as a dune-machine. However, I spent a full day enjoying legitimate sand dunes in my 2018 Pioneer 500 and I will be posting some...
  4. SuperYeti

    Where to ride in Washington State

    Well we've finally decided to take a trip with the 700-4 down to the Oregon dunes in August. Going to stay for 2 nights and get a day and a bit of riding in. We're road tripping from Southern BC through Washington, and would liked to find another place or 2 we can setup the RV overnight and get...
  5. dtaber8604

    P700 700-4 vs sand dunes

    I got the ole girl out of the garage yesterday and took her to the little Sahara in Oklahoma. It was a 90 degree day in the middle of feb and the kids were getting stir crazy anyhow. The inter-webs didn't have many reviews on how our rigs will do on the dunes so I figured I would share my...
  6. V

    P1000 P1000 New Purchase help, Ride Sand, and dirt, advice.

    im considering buying the p1000 5 seater, A because its big red, B, because of reliability. I ride mostly at ocotillo wells which is a mix of sand washes and dirt trails, however a few times per year i do ride at glamis in the sand dunes. My concern is i can find next to no info on how these...

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