stereo system

  1. J

    P1000 Help! Noam NUTV5-S Quad system not working

    Long post but I really need suggestions! I'm at a loss so any help would be appreciated! Got my 2021 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 in March. Bought the $900 Noam system with the sub and 4 speakers. Worked fine the first few times we rode (it was colder out- around 40-50 degrees). Went to a riding event...
  2. Wes24

    P1000 Ssv works stereo

    very well built, sturdy, has VERY bright dome light, bluetooth, loud as hell. One slight complaint would be not a lot of bass. I’m not a huge bass fan, but sometimes I wanna feel a slight punch. This is more ideal for anything not hip hop/rap. Overall I’m very pleased. Easy to install as well...
  3. EthanBogart

    P1000m5 Is a second battery required for a radio and amp?

    Hello, I am currently preparing to buy a 2017 1000-5 LE in the next month and I am trying to figure out how much all of the accessories I may want will cost. My first order of business will be to install a radio with an amp. I have heard the horror stories of people burning up their...
  4. FastRedneck

    P1000 Stereo Advice?

    I'm looking to add some tunes to my rig and curious if anyone has any experience with the NOAM Bluetooth kit? Seems to have great reviews, price is great for a complete BT system, and it looks like it'll...
  5. Bonehead69

    P1000 P1k radio/stereo system

    Does anyone have anything like the SSV universal overhead mounted up yet? Or can someone get me the distance from center of middle roll bar. ( i.e. side to side measurement over your head)