P700 '19 P700-4 Mods.



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Dec 16, 2018
Livingston county, Mi.

Ok so I didn't like the little YTX-20L battery that with longer winch pulls would beat the death out of it.
So out came the battery and tray, in its place is a 350cca lawn equipment battery with a new aluminum battery tray with retaining clamp I had to make.
It is a tighter fit but does fit well and even dragging my Rincon with the parking brake set for 40 feet uphill on one of our gravel drives to the barns with the lights and radio going I never saw less than 12.7 volts.
So I figure that was a success.
All of my wiring projects are done for now.
The addition of the Pk1 front shocks I believe helped with the weight of the winch and battery.
Flogging it around the property hitting snow banks and bashing through a drainage ditch never bottomed it or gave me any concern.
One phase of this build is done now onto other things like tires and who knows what.

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