P1000 2018 honda pioneer 1000-3 eps shifting funny


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Jan 2, 2021

  1. 1000-3
So I have a 2018 1000 eps 3 seater miles and hours in known because my cluster is messed up for some reason. But I let my buddy borrow it for hunting season and he tells me it's stalling when he puts it in gear. So I drive it and sometimes when you put it in gear from P or N into D or R it'll stall sometimes. And also when you give it gas in gear sometimes it will go to roll fwd and stall and if it doesn't when it's time to shift it seems like I can't hear the shift solenoid clicking and it's a hard shift and seems like it doesn't know what gear it wants. Any help would be appreciated. I think it's either my clutches or a solenoid going bad. I replaced the battery and reset it and it'll shift ok for a few then back to messing up
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