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ATV and Side by Side TITLE and REGISTRATION.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hondasxs, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Feb 13, 2013
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    Charlotte, NC
    So you just bought an ATV or SXS and how you are heading to the trail to go riding. Just don't forget to head over to your states appointed registration office first as registration may be required in-order to operate an ATV or Side by Side in your state.

    Most states require that owners title and register their power-sport vehicles. Here is some basic information on that requirement. Please check with your state's DMV or appointed office for exact requirements. Also some states do not require a title or registration.

    Normally only basic information is needed to register you power-sports vehicle. Here is a list of some items you may be required to have:
    - The title or manufacturer's statement of origin signed over to you.
    - Your states application for a title.
    - The bill of sale for that vehicle.
    - The (VIN) vehicle identification number.
    - State application fee.
    Some states require you to also have:
    - Proof of liability insurance.
    - A lean release
    Insure you check with your state for exact registration requirements before hand.

    Also some states do not require owners to register there ATV or Side by Side. Other states offer exempt statuses when the operation of said vehicle meet state requirements such as:
    - ATVs used exclusively for agricultural or business purposes.
    - ATVs owned by nonresidents with valid titling and registration in there home state.
    - ATVs use only in connection with an ATV dealers business.
    Of course, each state has there own unique exemptions. Please check each states appointed office for more info.

    Here is a list of states and if they require a title or registration:

    Choose a State:
    The following links lead to DMV.org. DMV.org is not an official government website and may not provide 100% up to date information. Please check with your states appointed office for up to date direction.

    When you are done, Please leave a comment below to tell us about your titling and registration experience!


    Require title!

    Require Registration!

    Alabama NO NO
    Alaska NO YES
    Arizona YES YES
    Arkansas YES YES
    California YES YES
    Colorado YES YES
    Connecticut YES YES
    Delaware YES YES
    Florida YES YES
    Georgia NO NO
    Hawaii NO NO
    Idaho YES YES
    Illinois YES NO
    Indiana YES YES
    Iowa YES YES
    Kansas NO,
    Check county requirements
    Check county requirements
    Kentucky YES NO
    Louisiana YES YES
    Maine YES YES
    Maryland YES --
    Massachusetts YES YES
    Michigan YES YES
    Minnesota YES Class2 YES Class 2
    Mississippi YES NO
    Missouri YES YES
    Montana YES YES
    Nebraska YES NO
    Nevada NO NO
    New Hampshire NO YES
    New Jersey NO YES
    New Mexico YES YES
    New York NO YES
    North Carolina NO NO
    North Dakota YES YES
    Ohio YES YES
    Oklahoma YES YES
    Oregon NO NO
    Pennsylvania YES YES
    Rhode Island NO YES
    South Carolina NO NO
    South Dakota YES YES
    Tennessee YES NO
    Texas YES YES
    Utah YES YES
    Vermont YES YES
    Virginia NO NO
    Washington YES YEs
    Washington DC NO NO
    West Virginia YES YES
    Wisconsin YES YES
    Wyoming YES YES
    All information credit DMV.org.

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