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Buy the 700-4... not the 700-2. here's why.

Discussion in 'General Pioneer 700 Discussion' started by greenatv, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. greenatv

    greenatv New Member
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    Feb 18, 2013
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    You should buy the 4 seater... Here is why I think so.

    So you do not want the 4 seater right now... Ok... no problem buy the 2 seat... Then 6 months down the road you say "I wished I had bought the 4 seat version" well it is going to cost you a lot of time and money to convert that 2 seat into the 4 seat. may be easier just to sell it and buy the 4 seat one.

    If you bought the 4 seat to begin with you would be ready.
    Looking at the parts fish. The rear cage is held on by a few bolts. You could easily remove this giving there 700-4 the look of a 700-2. Then if the time came you ever needed to take 4 people on a ride you could install the cage and be on your way.

    Now remember... Safety First.... You need to find a way to hard bolt the seats down so they can not be used until you installed the cage.


    This is my thought and current plan..
    I do not need a 4 seat sxs right now. I want the 2 seat. But my kids will be old enough to ride in a few years and we can all go as a family if I had the 4 seater... What should I do.

    Leave your thoughts below please.

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