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The Great Bald One
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Oct 5, 2016
Bella Vista, AR

I want to get one of these for my kid! I find it ironic that Wal-Mart is going to stop selling evil ammo but will gladly sell me a tank with a machine gun mounted on the turret for my toddler....

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They had one in the local WM - if my kid was that young again I would get it for him... the main gun also fires the nerf like shells that are stored on the back... pretty slick

Hell if they made it bigger I might get one for myself...

a while back someone posted a real tank for sale on FB for 80k... I did try to talk a friend into buying lol
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i4wd? Really?
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I’m taking my Trombone into the doctors today. It’s not cycling and hitting the notes like it should...
FN FAL with Imbel receiver
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Your already on every govmit watch list, you may want to stop posting pics of your arsenal :rolleyes:

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