P1000 Intimidators


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Apr 27, 2016

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They are here. They are on.

Some info

I screwed my balljoint up hammering it out of the old arm, so I need a new. One. Nobody has them in stock. You would figure a dealer would carry one, but whatever.

So, 30x10x14 intimidators mated with a 14x137 msa vibe with 12mm stud nuts All the way around. Structural lifetime warranty, one year paint warranty.

I can't run my spacers in the back anymore, and I'm glad. I hate spacers. If anyone wants to pick them up I used them for about 2 hours and I'll book you up pretty good. 1.5 inch pair. The spacers have 10mm studs. You don't need them with 14 inch wheels and talked tires.

These bastards are heavy. Alone I think the tire outweigh both the stock Honda nd tire AND steel rim combined.

Had a guy weigh one with the rim on. It comes in at a whopping 60 pounds. Not terrible, though not great. I bet stock was closer to 40 Or maybe 30 mounted.

The side walls are very thick and the tire seems extremely well made and durable. Nothing seems flimsy. There is very good sidewall tread, maybe not as good as outlaws(2), but it's there and I'm sure it's going to help a bunch for the crap we ride in. Stock tires felt like everything was wet mud. Couldn't get out of a rut.

The tires ran 850ish
Rims were 550ish
Brought them to fishcreek and had them Mount for 7.50 each.

Some thoughts

the back end fits great. Clears my shocks, which the stock tires couldn't, and doesn't appear that they will rub, although it's a pot shot until you test them, but I have a LOT of room left from the top of the tire to fender so I think I'll be okay.

The front however seems like it may rub if I bottom out while turning left. Only time will tell. Right tire not on yet so Idk about that.

My front suspension seems very droopy. I installed the high lifter 2.5 inch lift and got 3 inches in the back after settling, but only got A half inch in the front. I measured to the cutout for a winch in the tent bumper both times. Now that I have these Mondo tires it seems like my ass end is up slightly, although only 3 tires are on because balljoint, so I'm not actually saying anything quite yet.

they are eye candy. That's for sure.

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